Strike force heroes games

Strike force heroes games

Get ready to shoot and win by playing free online games Heroes of the strike force. Most of our fighters are at your disposal: a tank, medic, commando and mercenary. Trust their professionalism and overcome the resistance of the enemy. You have the choice of weapons, as long as you play, to expand its characteristics. Before you do not just soldiers, and members of many battles and now they are again engaged in the salvation of mankind. Lead a small force, and bring him through the hail of bullets to victory, winning every centimeter of space in the laboratory, factory, jungle beautiful island.
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Game Heroes shock detachment: Research commandos

Strike force heroes games Among computer toys boast multilevel passage, a complex plot and different capabilities are basically multiplayer products. But the example of the game Heroes of shock detachment, we see a flash of fun and able to surprise by offering to take on a serious job and pass a responsible mission.
The events that unfold in the plot, a little reminiscent of the movie"Resident Evil." Scientific Corporation is engaged in research in different fields: medicine, biological weapons, cloning and other aspects, which have long been interested in people. Because we see a short video that in the laboratory during the experiment there was an accident, and all were killed.
The situation became known to the governments of the leading countries, and they sent their troops to the chaos to seize secret documents, which calculate the most advanced discoveries. You can choose who will be the lone warrior, and will resist the army of mercenaries:

  • Medik
  • Voin
  • Snayper
  • Komandos

Pobeda will for vami

Protivniki initially seem inexperienced and unprofessional martinet who are too slow, inattentive and poorly armed. These easy to sneak up and deal, the more they spread out on the territory of the small groups.
You have to win in different missions, and this extends to a certain condition, for example, to destroy 15 opponents. Going through the levels, looking for ways that can sometimes lie under the floor of a tunnel – will help to avoid meeting with the enemy squad. Some corridors are blocked, but partitions can carry a couple of shots. In the arsenal of 65 weapons, so the lack of ammunition will not. Once you find the first aid kit and other bonus items that will help in achieving the main goal.
In terms of management, it is necessary to remember and quick to use the keyboard keys:

  • Strelki or A and D – peremeschenie
  • Strelka up space or W – jump vverh
  • Strelka down or S – prigibaemsya
  • Q – change weapons and discover deri
  • Myshkoy tselimsya and strelyaem

V every part of the toy has its own characteristics. In the first series is — invulnerability, which turns on and off the big English letter I.

Even more dangerous, more firing

Strike force heroes games Strike force heroes games Plot of the game Heroes of shock detachment 2 sends you to a new place of action – orbital base. Meet the intruders, who managed to make mischief. Now you have new heroes:

  • Inzhener
  • General
  • Snayper
  • Dzhaggernaut 

Kazhdy – storehouse of unique talents, but there are also vulnerabilities. Find out the cause of the elevator failure, and deal with the aggressors. With the help of E apply super strikes, and R will reload. Moving still arrows and shoot with the mouse. To get the benefits, use cheats:

  • 7 – invulnerable geroy
  • 8 – cartridges not zakanchivayutsya
  • 9 – quick ogon

Prodolzhaetsya story in the script of the game Heroes of the strike force 3. In it to existing heroes were joined by new ones.

  • Quiet and dangerous ninja  
  • Elite with laser weapons and satellite beam, freezing protivnika

U you have 60 levels to accomplish building games for boys Heroes strike force. Weapons will pump up to the fifth level, and among the cheats in addition to"0"you can use to get more money.
You can make your army of the strongest, and it is unmatched by any military organization on the strength of team spirit and fighting equipment. By controlling these warriors, play games Heroes shock detachment can there not to like?

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