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Christmas - time to absorb huge amounts of sweets. That can be arranged for free if you play games back to Santa online. Manage all familiar with - drawing the same compositions of the three figures in a row, but if we can break the group with a lot of chips, even better. Large groups bring big points and bonuses. Gather in the country of Santa Christmas decorations and sweet candy, clicking on the ones that had formed an alliance of identical elements. Entertainment is simple, but fascinating and exciting, what we offer to make sure each player their own.
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Rozhdestvenskie game Back to Santy

Back to Candyland games winter games back in the country of Santa is very popular, because it is a time of miracles and gifts. Children can not wait to come that magical night, when it comes to every house a bearded grandfather, knowing the names of all the people, and bring exactly what long dreamed.
If someone has not received a gift, it's because he had forgotten how to believe in a fairy tale, imagines himself too old. Such people are too dangerous for Christmas, because the magic is still alive, it is believe in it. If disappear the last believer in her person, the world would be gray, dull and insipid. Surely you yourself do not want to live without a fairy tale, but because it is necessary to play games Back to Santa and tell your friends about them, that they have joined the rescue operation, codenamed"Christmas".
If the window time to warm nothing wrong. As a real riot, you always have to be in shape, but because it is necessary to train at any time. In addition, the country's old fairy tale is not output. For a year he and his elves are working on the creation of new toys that find their owners in the Christmas night.

Help Santa to collect toys

You are invited to visit their favorite characters. His waiting and like all children of the earth, and sometimes adults hoping for a Christmas miracle. Then open the game Back in Santa country, and show how you are committed to the spirit of the holiday.
is your responsibility, but an interesting job to collect all the Christmas decorations. They became too much, and they messed up in a chaotic mess. In the house all Santa's should be laid clearly on the shelves, so that it is not distracted by trivia.
While all the elves are busy in a toy factory, you prefer sorting of colored balls, icicles, fir-trees, cones and other decorations. This process quickly captures, captivates, and it is impossible to break away from the process, to rest.
You will immediately recognize the logical fun"three in a row", the rules of which you should be very familiar to other toys.

  • Vybirayte combination of identical objects, which at least three units in gruppe
  • Chem more identical objects at the same time be able to remove from the site, the more points will be obtained bolshe
  • Ispolzuyte in combination bonus toys to destroy more obektov
  • Razbivayte barriers using a combination of successful and bonusy

Veselo loudly and showered igrushki

Back to Candyland games Back to Candyland games Games Back to Santa's toys with a classic example of a logical bias, which is a clear definition of the genre. Looking for at least three objects together, press the mouse on the group, and it is with the ringing, fireworks sparks away from the field, and put you earn your points.
Each combination generates income, the larger the objects to delete, the more generous earn points. If at one time to shoot down a few combinations, triggering a chain reaction, you get bonuses that will help in the passage of the most difficult levels.
Soon the field covered boxes, which prevent the free movement of toys. But they can be broken if a few times to remove surrounding them trinkets or use the bonus game tool Back to Santa.
Toy has several levels, and each is a new step in the direction of the house Santa. He's been waiting for you, and wants to make you more fulfilled all tasks, and went to visit him. In one of the toy is even a topic of sweets, and character will have to overcome the sweet chocolate mountain, again collecting and smashing a group of identical items. Speed ​​also plays a role, and for the rapid passage awarded extra points, so be careful and fast during the game Back to Santa.

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