Babar and Badou games

Babar and Badou games

Opening the online game Babar and Badou, you get a fabulous kingdom of elephants - Selestvil. Of course, you certainly will play for free in any direction: mazes, fly on an airship and balloon, photography, puzzles and pictures to memory. Young prince Badu adventurous and happy when he is accompanied by the company. You will enjoy a pleasant meeting with different animals, including a monkey funny Chick, Jack fox, porcupine Munro, zebra Zavada. The Prince lot of friends who will help, and he can always count on Barbara grandfather. Join and you to the company.
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Babar and Badou games Games Barbar and Bud in the kingdom slonov

Priyatnaya news for parents – based on the Canadian cartoon came out of the game Barbara and Bud also designed the youngest children's audience. Cartoon came out in 2010 And for sure the kids are already familiar with its characters.
Young gamers will get to the island, which is ruled by a king - elephant named Barbara. He is good, but because the residents of the kingdom of his love. He lives with his family in the capital Selestvil, which bears the same name as the beloved wife of the king.
Capital is located in a surprisingly beautiful, picturesque corner, with access to the ocean on one side, and surrounded by lush jungle vegetation on the other. Anyone who happened to be there, will never forget the friendly people and the colorful nature. Among this beauty grows grandson of King Badu –. He is sociable, playful and inquisitive, and therefore has a lot of friends. Games Barbar and Bud, as well as animated series, full of fun, mischievous, incredible adventures. Elephant discovers new horizons, to learn and develop, and when you need to help a friend –.

Travel and Adventure Badu

– Every child who is restless. The world conceals many mysteries that they have to learn for life. For a small room seem even human uncharted expanses with a variety of interesting, to say nothing of the public spaces of the mysterious jungle.
Opening of the game Barbara and Bud, the kids will get to pass lessons, contribute to the development of logic, attentiveness and other necessary qualities. Babar and Badou games The game world has prepared the following directions:

Soprovozhdaya Badu, you also get to know the people who are always with him:

    • Chiku – nimble, resourceful monkey.
    • Na vnimatelnost
    • Preodolenie pregrad
    • Horoshuyu reaktsiyu
    • Sbor predmetov
    • Brodilki
    • Labirinty 
    • Pazly
    She loves dancing and simply generates different questions.
  • – Jack small fox orphan who came to the capital recently, but managed to make friends with the prince.
  • – Munro brave porcupine that protects from the dangers of Badu. He supported himself through sports, and is ready to take decisive action.
  • Zavada
  • – zebra who dreams of becoming famous and unconditionally believes in the power and authority.

Pora go to put

Babar and Badou games Now, when you met with all the characters, you are ready to play and Barbar Badu, whatever scene they were not prepared. Brave Bud decided to fly in a balloon, and so the flight was with a sense, it is necessary to collect the chests and stars in flight, but by lightning from dark clouds fall is not worth it.
Curious elephant always knows the new, and now he has to learn to handle the camera. Help him to take pictures of their friends who did not facilitate his task by his behavior. They hide behind stones and trees, and in the long grass, periodically changing the position of the place. At the moment when they appear out of hiding, you have to catch them in the lens, and click.
Still accompany Chick monkey in a labyrinth, it helps to find instruments. Point her keys, and it will move down the road, and when will the next thing, he goes in her piggy bank.
Be careful when playing Barbar and Badu show reference and the principle of its execution. Remember, try to execute the same, and then earn game points. Just a few levels in each toy will not tire the kids, but only help to consolidate the acquired skills in the repetition. Do you enjoy interacting with cute The young, who live on the island with the royal couple of elephants. They welcome every guest who decided to look for them and play with the inhabitants of the kingdom in a useful, educational fun.

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