Vi and Va games

Vi and Va games

Vivian, then Bu - skilled guitarist, cheerful and sociable girl. It is most mischievous, always ready for adventure. Valentine, then Wa - akkuratistka, loves cooking and household chores. Always organized and punctual, that sets it apart from Wee. The company is still scattered, but talented Felicia and clumsy, but unsurpassed dance Roxy. What they're up to online games Vi and Va, it is easy to find out if free to play with them to dress up, make up, hair, cooking, music styles. Do heroines own professional skills that they develop.
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Igry Ba Vi and new podruzhkami

Vi and Va games Play with dolls, watch cartoons with them and be able to meet virtually – desire of every girl. Childhood in order, and given, in order to gather a collection of dolls and partying with them. Sometimes you are so close connection that, even growing up, the girls are in no hurry to part with a little friend. This is understandable, because modern dolls are different personality, character costumes and even a profession. Wee Games and Ba, is a natural continuation of the adventures of four girls toy, which is already represented in the collection, and the cartoon.

Vstrechaem cute geroin

Geroini games and Ba Vi look petite girl with big eyes in trendy outfits and stylish hairstyles. You are waiting for fun, which can appreciate only the girls, but because, without wasting time, start dating and heroines.

  • Wa, this is Valentine's abbreviated. She was only fifteen years old, but it already excels in the kitchen. As a tiny baby, she loved to help my mother and grandmother in the kitchen, and now their own bake cakes, cupcakes, cookies, preparing other dishes. It plans to grow up to become a chef and will prepare delicacies for the visitors of the restaurant.  
  • Vivian called Wee. She was sixteen, and she loves to play music. Wee know musical notation, and wants to teach you how to use it. Her fantasy of – to become a singer. And now she writes a melody by playing various musical instruments.  
  • – Felicia seventeen year old artist. Her talent was obvious, and she always finds new images for his paintings. Girls like her work, decorating them their rooms.
  • Roxy the eldest of her dolls – eighteen, and she was a talented dancer. She's very young, and often goes to the disco, where the fashion movement attracts attention.

U girls different character, and since opposites attract, they are well complement each other out. Wa – very punctual and organized, while as Wee prefers spontaneity, and if he hears the music, it in place and does not hold. Felicia may appear in the clouds, but in fact it swallowed imagination, and it is considering a new picture. And looking at the Roxy, do not say that it perfectly knows the art of the dance, so her movements seem awkward. But it is necessary to sound the first chords, and equal on the dance floor it is not.

Games and Ba Vi with their favorite dolls

Vi and Va games Vi and Va games Especially popular game and Ba Vi on odevalok. Because before you young creatures, not surprising that they focus their attention on, and your clothes. Each doll is committed to excel, to be compelling and original. Like you, they want to stand out among friends, and therefore constantly experimenting with fashion.
Privilege dolls, they never grow up, and each is as old as the time of birth. But do not celebrate birthdays on a regular basis, although the age and does not change. But it's nice all the time to celebrate the fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth birthday and eighteenth year after year. This girlfriend is actively organize the event, and talk about the game and Ba Vi.
Each character by virtue of their talents trying to be helpful. Ba bake a cake and decorate it smartly, Roxy and Wee will be engaged in a musical selection, and Felicia will issue a solemn hall where the event will unfold in honor of one of the girls.
Open the game and Ba Vi, and enjoy all the options odevalok. The trendy wardrobe will always be modern outfits, stylish decorations and unmatched accessories, without which, too, can not do.

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