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Jetsons games

Dreams and fantasies of people give birth in impassable jungle of the past, then elevate the distant unknown future, when people are freed from daily cares, and can devote himself to entertainment and improvement. This family of the time, to which we have not lived, will appear in front of players, if they are to play free online games The Jetsons. Of the subjects you will learn what worries remained in the family, and solve them together. You are waiting for flights in aircraft, destroying pesky pests aliens, shooting blaster, creative coloring, puzzles of logic and attentiveness.
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game Jetson on the progress of mankind

The Jetsons games online The Jetsons games online What is our future? This question stirs inquisitive minds for generations. They are given at any age, from which depends the answer. The most daring assumption filmed in movies and cartoons, and computer subjects follow on the heels. Since the beginning of the sixties to the end of the eighties studio Hanna-Barbera animated sitcom filmed on the family, which is now moved to the game Jetson.
Over worked animated series studio that produced and humorous cartoon about the Flintstones, but unlike them, Jetson do not live in the Stone Age, and in 2060.
Together with them, you get into the world of Utopia where human toil robots have undertaken reasonable. The duties of the mechanical helpers includes all the work around the house and outside. It got to the point of absurdity – heroes and step without stepping without robots and use them to wash, shave, dress and even move inside the house. Each team provides its own button, and we just have to make it work to press.
– of pressing a button in this also is the main task of one of the characters, – George, working three days a week for three hours in the organization of"Space Gears Speysli"​​. In the series, we found the display all the American vision of the future:

  • Pohozhie people roboty
  • Uklad zhizni
  • Tehnicheskie shtuchki
  • Prisheltsy
  • Arhitekturny style"Googie"

Vazhnoe of the heroes of the game Dzhetsony

The Jetsons games online We are easy to understand the psychology of the people of the future, because we are still unfamiliar. But no one bothers to use your imagination and imagine that the line time has worn off, and we can get in touch with our descendants, and even hold in their society for some time. So what are they, the people of the future of the game Jetson?

    George Jetson
  • – head of a family of 38 - years old and working in as many as 15 hours a week. He is afraid that at any moment can make mistakes, so not sure of himself.
  • – Jane Jetson George 's wife, a homemaker and a member of the Society of Women Galaxy. Newfangled obsession with technical equipment that gets in the store under the nzvaniem"Moon gave."  
  • Dzhudi and Elroy Jetson – children Jane and George. Well educated, inquisitive, with their children's interests.
  • Rose – robot housekeeper with a lack of skills in cooking. Although it has become obsolete as a robot, and its program has the army discipline, the family does not want to part with it.
  • – Astro talking dog breed dog, pet George.
  • – Mr. Speysli owner of the company"Space Gears Speysli"​​. In all of its own failed ideas blamed George, which is familiar from childhood, and constantly cries that he be fired.
  • Mister Kogsvel – competitor Speysli engaged in industrial espionage. He speaks now"Space screws Cogswell", often unreasonably violent.
  • – orbit alien 's favorite Jetson, which expresses emotions change color.

Pokorenie game prostorov

So such colorful characters want to immediately go in the game Jetson, to personally live in the future, how it was represented in the middle of the last century. In addition to the puzzle and coloring books, which will certainly take possession of your attention, you are waiting for an amazing adventure in the rpg, shooters and flight game Jetson.
head of the family decided to entrust the son of an important mission to destroy the balls. Now Elroy runs at the bottom of the field with a blaster, and fired in the same group with their shells, choosing aim group which corresponds to his charge, to remove it from the field. Sam George is ready to stand against alien pests during the game Jetson, fighting them with laser weapons.

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