Miles from Tomorrowland games

Miles from Tomorrowland games

Let's conquer outer space, becoming part of the team starship. If the free play online games Miles from Tomorrowland, you will meet with Miles - leading hero, his sister Loretta and parents - Mom and Dad Phoebe Leo. There is another character, without which Miles does not go to any mission - robot ostrich Merck. Going on a job, you will find a friendly young man tandem with his robot. With them, you will collect the most colorful puzzles, go through training on memory cards paired, will shoot bubbles, remove the threat from another planet, landed on Mars and arrange crazy race.
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Igry Miles from another planet: Adventures in kosmose

Miles from Tomorrowland games Disney Channel once again pleased interesting new animated series, which premiered already taken place in 2015 And today we enjoy the process of playing Miles from another planet on its grounds.
You will get acquainted with the Calisto family, who live in a spaceship traveling through the vast expanses of the universe, explore the galaxy, discover new stars, meteorites and nebulae. Their prospect excites meetings with distant civilizations, amazing landscapes, unprecedented horizons.

V company fearless family Kalisto

Vy acquainted with the friendly family that fearlessly moving forward, and their talents to help cope with the daily moments and get out of unexpected troubles.

  • Mama – replaceable pilot a starship, paving the way through a scattering of distant stars to the new open spaces.
  • Pope Leo
  • – Mechanical Engineer, responsible for the serviceability of intergalactic spacecraft systems.
  • – older sister Loretta Miles. She is well versed in the intricacies of the different mechanisms and high-tech, easy to mend damage to the complex.
  • – Miles leading the plot character. He irresistible fan of space adventure, always ready for the next adventure. It's him you have to play in Miles from another planet to play, going from one game to the next direction.
  • Merck
  • – pet, but not normal, and the robot ostrich. He is always there with a boy, and if you need help to get out of scrapes.

Semeyka Calisto is a fascinating life, and you can join them, too, to go to the space odyssey, see the extraordinarily beautiful worlds, to get acquainted with funny forms of life, to see what no one has yet succeeded. This is the adventure of which you have long dreamed of. You had the chance to meet new faces and events, as well as play games with Miles Another Planet for free.

Game direction

Miles from Tomorrowland games Funny, funny and unusual adventures await the brave players. In this section you will find a dynamic entertainment and quiet, in which nice to play in silence, when a commission of manipulation can think about pressing issues. In the section we have prepared:

  • Pazly
  • Karty pamyati
  • Puzyri
  • Priklyucheniya
  • Gonki

Miles from Tomorrowland games

Otkryvayte any Miles from another planet games online for free, and start passing.

Go to a cold, desolate Mars to save the boy's aunt Frieda –. She went on a lifeless planet to better study it, and disappeared. Martian volcano suddenly began to revive, and will soon begin the eruption. Frida need to save more, without wasting a minute. Take the rover improved speed and overcome the icy track, collecting power-ups, jumping with jumps, flying a precipice, making somersaults and for each stunt awarded extra points. Complete all three levels, and save Aunt Frieda, returned it to the ship.

Still Miles Merck saddle and out into space to collect useful items. Ostrich wings equipped with accelerators, and it helps to move in a vacuum. Around the addition of important objects full of garbage, which takes the energy of heroes. When you're in the game Miles from another planet to play online, quickly respond to the situation, and avoid collisions with meteorites, fragments of the ship, and other trash.

Then shoot bubbles to be removed from the site of the same color. Take a good aim for the group, which is similar to the projectile, and if successful matchmaking happens, you take a group of a group of all the bubbles.

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