Mulan games

Mulan games

Here is a beautiful, sophisticated princess from the game Mulan. It captivates with its beauty, grace and taste, from what play it online for free is always interesting. The heroine diligently coached the qualities of a warrior, and it can often be seen in the saddle on a galloping stallion or shoot a bow. But she is a beautiful girl who does not forget that you must also maintain the beauty, because among the game offers there are stories about fashion and romance. She carefully selects outfits and goes on a date with Prince, which will have a passionate kiss, while their opponents can not see.
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Igry Mulan: the heroine of Kitaya

Princess Mulan games Mulan has become one of the most famous girls because of their courage and valor. Even though she sings Chinese tradition, filmed cartoon on which are now out of the game Mulan, the Disney studio in 1998

Rukovodstvu studio seemed a natural to promote the product in the Chinese market, it managed to get there just a year later, and only after the new year to the American cartoon is not selected and the viewer's attention from the rating of Russian cinema.
The distinguished character, so that its uplift? As for the obedient Chinese girls who were brought up in the strict traditions of folk, Mulan transgressed all laws and could profit was executed, but instead became the one who saved the country from the enemy. It happened during an attack by nomadic Huns in China, and to break them, the emperor issued a decree on mass mobilization. Each family had to send to the war of one man.

Fa Mulan

Otets – Zoo, old and sick soldiers are still suffering from the wounds, but still forced to accept the agenda. Realizing that the father can not perform his duty, but can not disobey orders, Mulan wears men's clothes, and instead goes to the army.
Perfume ancestors flocked to discuss how to save Mulan. They send small dragon Mushu awaken Big Stone Dragon, but it does not work, but because he himself accompanies the girl throughout her life.

Mulan falls under the command of Li Shang – brave and intelligent officer. In one of the battles with the Huns girl is wounded and her gender secret has been revealed. Upon learning that the man hiding under the guise of woman, Gen. Lee Sang – father, decides to execute her, but Zhang rescues her, and leaves in the unit.
This was a far-sighted decision, because Mulan helped subsequently to save the Emperor from the invaders, when they invaded the capital and the palace. That girl lured to the roof of the leader of the Huns – Shan - Yu, he won the battle, and with the help of prepared Mushu missile fireworks staged there. Just how vigorously and skillfully acted character, telling the game Mulan.

Imperator was a just ruler, and Mulan awarded the Medal of Honor, as well as the trophy given her sword Shan -Yu. During the war, she and the officer had Shang love each other, and when Mulan returned home, soon arrived and her boyfriend to ask her father for her hand.

Geroi stories and games Mulan

Konechno, it's not all the characters, played an important role in the events, but we have submitted those without whom it would not exactly held.

Princess Mulan games

Vy not meet again next Mulan and her gallant lover, and some of the game Mulan and other participants will present stories:

  • Mulan leading geroiny
  • Fa Zu – father Mulan
  • Mushu – trusty little dragon, guardian of the hearth semi
  • Li Shang – detachment commander, beloved Mulan
  • Shan – -U leader gunnov

Zhenstvennaya and militant Mulan

Princess Mulan games heroine during each game Mulan proves bold and sensitive, always looks good and does not forget about the duty of a warrior. Accompany it with all gaming areas, and help to perform the task.

Zanimayas little bit of everything, you become the same label, fast, strong and beautiful, like the heroine of the game Mulan.

  • Pazly
  • Strelba
  • Uborka
  • Dizayn
  • Moda
  • Potselui
  • Skachki
  • Poisk hidden obektov

Arrange furniture in a doll house; Mulan do her hair and dress up for the celebration; Find the picture hidden alphabet; deliver the message, jumping on a horse; and archery hit all the targets. Alone with Shang, give him a kiss so sweet, so did not notice the strict father, because love is love, but do not break the tradition.


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