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Let's go on a tropical picturesque island in order to get acquainted with the little princess and her friend - funny, mischievous demigod Maya. Point the way Moana free online games that are played to be in different directions. Princess should be prepared for a long campaign - to cure her skin from acne, make-up and choose clothes with ornaments. One day, you'll also have to collect and paint a wooden statue, symbolizing the ancient god. You have to be careful, so train yourself to look for hidden items, puzzle pieces and differences to produce illustrations.
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Igry Moana: A New History printsessy

Moana Disney Princess games Introducing Moana girls game, which tells about the latest adventures of a cute princess, who lived for a long time 2000 years ago. Everything happened in the distant oceanic islands, when people believed in gods and demigods, created wooden idols and altars were built.
Who knows, maybe, before there really demons and gods, I command the elements of nature, requiring victims to help people in their requests or punishing disobedience. Anyway, the game Disney Princess Moana does not raise doubts that the 14-year-old Moana Vayaliki met on the fabulous island of Maui demigod trickster, and with him went in search of his family.
Journey lasted too long, and it was not safe. The Heroes had to face the realities of life: enemies, natural disasters, terrible monsters, obstacles. But being purposeful, Maui Moana and went all the way to the end and get to the goal. Games Moana created by a full-length animated film, but offer their own adventures.

The main themes of the game Moana

Surely girls delight proposals collected in the category. It is familiar and favorite toys, you do not get tired to explore, having fun with new characters.

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Moana Disney Princess games Moana Disney Princess games Any you open the game Disney Princess Moana bring the joy of communication with the heroine. It boldly looks forward, and is not afraid of difficulties, because it helps to Maui. Even monsters encountered on the way, not seem so terrible, if there is someone to rely on.
Before starting the hike, each girl trying to collect everything you need. Appearance also plays a role, and that will take a choice hairstyles, clothes and jewelry for the heroine. Look, what a haircut or styling looks better, pick up elements of the top and bottom of the dress, but will instead make-up tattoo. Then decide the spear, which is armed with Moana and start building a wooden idol. Paint all the parts in different colors, make him the face, add the necessary elements: wings, pose, weapon, wreath. Now you are fully equipped and ready to march.
In other games focus on the little face of the heroine, which requires attention. She wandered through the sea, and could not bring myself up properly. Now her skin care needs. Use the proposed remedies to first wash their Moaña, then save her from acne, wounds, unnecessary hair and other defects.
More games Moana offer completely transform the girl using the whole set of jewelry, wigs, clothes and cosmetics.

Tighten and find

The beauty of it is good, but we must not forget about the use of toys. Game Disney Princess Moana, it also search of the alphabet on the frame of the movie. Use a powerful magnifying glass to examine every square, every centimeter of illustration in search of letters.
All you can find, will disappear from the image and stripes at the bottom of the screen. Letters cleverly hidden on the horn-painted ornament, in the hair, to clothes, crouched in the sand, and even in the sky.
Puzzles also require concentration and attention. On the pictures you can see the time of travel of the heroine, but after a quick glance at the holistic picture, it splits into squares. They're scattered randomly across the field, and it is necessary to rearrange them so that they may have taken the correct position. Only then you will be able to once again enjoy the picture, but if you want to pass a toy again until he set a record for time and minimum of moves.

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