Games FIFA World Cup

Games FIFA World Cup

Introducing the hype that this rubric will cause. If you are a boy and love football, you will not miss the chance to play the most exciting online games of the World Cup online for free. In each series, you have the choice of one of the significant teams, and even participation in Euro 2012. Meet with a better result than your favorite team ever showed. Simple controls and unexpected combinations on the field will allow you to enjoy your favorite activity for hours on end. Win all tournaments, and make your players the best in the current season, leaving behind rivals.
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Games World Cup: Football Forever

Games FIFA World Cup Online Fans of football use this sports game in large quantities, in any form and at any time of the day. They know all the players in domestic and foreign teams, they remember the game schedule, and they would never miss an important game. They can arrange an examination on the knowledge of the main meetings account, and they will not only remember it, but also comment on each goal scored.

Gaming World Cup became another opportunity to enjoy football. We know that his true fans are active players themselves, and will not miss the meeting of teams in the courtyard or hall. Their TV is always tuned to the football channel, and in the computer there are a lot of gaming products from simple flash-based toys to solid client and browser options. Games World Cup will be a worthy addition to the meeting, and are able to compete with many representatives in this topic.

Game by all rules

Players can compete against one of the 32 teams. Each represents one of the countries, and you can choose one to fight with it in a duel on the football field. Just imagine that you are able to win the championship at the Spanish club Barcelona, ​​go around on points to Bavaria, and surpass Chelsea.
Games FIFA World Cup Online Opening the game of the World Cup, you get to the World Cup, and become a member of Euro 2012. In your power to change the old alignment, and lead your team to the victorious frontier. We do not promise that it will be easy, because well-trained teams oppose you, and every player has all the tricks of the game:

  • Shock Head
  • Passes to each other
  • Corner Punch
  • Impact from the gate
  • Penalti
  • Free Punch

To control your players, you only need one mouse:

  • Left click: transfer and throw, as well as a change of decision or player
  • By moving the mouse over the field, you make a move in the chosen direction. The player will run wherever you indicate, will be able to intercept the ball from the opponent, receive or give a pass, score goals, and make other movements natural for the game.

Surprisingly, the process of playing the FIFA World Cup is simple, but it is realistic. Here you will even encounter violations, followed by appropriate punishments:

  • Udad rivals feet
  • Sceps
  • Jumping to knock off the feet
  • Shutters

Games FIFA World Cup Online If this happens, the undefeated judge on the field shows yellow and red cards, assigns penalty kicks and penalties.

Football is life

Take a football from a fan and he will lose the meaning of life. This game has covered the whole world, and in 2001 FIFA announced that at the beginning of the new millennium more than 250 million players played football, among whom 20 million were women. This figure includes 300,000 professional clubs and 1.5 million. registered teams.
First place in football is the United States, where at that time there were 18 million. players, where 40% are women. This is followed by Indonesia with its 10 million, Mexico, China and Brazil had almost the same figure of 7 million. In Germany, 6.2 million devoted themselves to football. , in Bangladesh 5.2 million in Italy 4 million and the very modest figure belongs to Russia of 3.8 million. person.
To play football, you can not do without endurance, strength, speed and skill. Having opened the games of the FIFA World Cup, you will find yourself on the field where teams are easy to recognize by the color of the form. Choose an opponent and play a match. Try to defeat all countries in order to win the World Cup or the European Championship. Enjoy the game, do not give up, purposefully go forward until you get the best result.

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