Head Games online.

Head Games online.

Look who's on the sports field – this is a free online game of the head! Among them are football and basketball, volleyball and tennis. It seems that they are not hampered by a lack of the body, because they have adapted perfectly to own one hand and beat off the ball head. But it looks like there was a whole clan of tadpoles and now you can play with the heads of Fuzzies, and Humpty Dumpty vampires. Heads need to knock down, to throw for distance, to expose one series of three identical.

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Head Games online. Cook heads!

Many sports simulators most simplistic show the process of the game, it was convenient to operate it on the computer. In such virtual competitions of the number of athletes sometimes shortened to just a pair of players, and their bodies are reduced only to large heads, which often pririsovana more little hand or foot. These versions have even commanding computer games:

  • football  
  • basketball
  • Ice Hockey

Naturally, this decreases and playground, and the round. For example, in a game involving only two basketball heads, each of which protects your cart. The game is divided into separate rounds for the victory which is necessary to fulfill certain conditions – get more points for one and a half minutes of the game, the first to score a certain number of balls and the like. Each brainy basketball player here can jump and use his hand to beat the ball from his half of the field and throw it in someone else's basket.

Head Games online. Heading to help more than to join in the world of sports

Some football game heads portrayed at all in classical performance. The gameplay is similar to the « Basketball head »: in the match all the same individual rounds with special conditions of victory, but instead of hands, players have legs, they can hit the ball. Each game offers a special play head. Sometimes it's just balls with glazikami, and sometimes you can find human faces. Often, before the start of the match the player is given the opportunity to choose a character.

Head Games online. There are games where at each new level you need to compete with different opponents. But there is a game with replacements – there needs to collect special artifacts, which are offered in a large range – they appear above the playing field and are activated after exposure to these goals. Positive or negative effect artifact can act on any player – both have separate types of icons. In addition to reducing-rise, it can be:

  • freeze all activities athlete  
  • injury hands or feet  
  • The increase in attacks
  • accelerated movement on the field

As a rule, the effect of the artifact lasts until the first goal scored. For example, football is a game of head can make variable in size: if you increase your hero, it is much better to score goals and defend their goal, and if we reduce, control the ball would be for him a very difficult task. Games and their heads are in the form of doubles competition, which is much easier to adapt the rules to match the actual conditions of computer toys. This, for example, table or tennis. Here to head athlete pririsovana only racket, and gamers need to beat her with the help of the ball on the opponent's half of the field. Try different sports games with their heads in this section of our site!

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