Mystery School Games

Mystery School Games

The hero of the online game School of puzzles does not like at school. He constantly comes up with ways to run home early, and in order to help him carry out the plan, start playing for free, passing each episode of escape. The reasons for leaving the school are different for the hero, but every time you have to use logic to deal with current tasks. In the shoot, every little thing is important, so pick up items, open lockers, study posters, do everything in order to make an escape from the boring school. If you are clever enough and smart, you will succeed in any scam.
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Games Puzzle School: Escape from School

Games School of puzzles online Everyone can tell their impression about the school, and it will be different from the opinions of others. Even the best students get tired of constant cracks, tests, tests, laboratory, independent and abstracts. Schoolchildren live from vacation to vacation, dreaming that when summer comes sooner, to throw a briefcase, textbooks and notebooks away, sleep late, go to sea. However, the school has a fantastic property: the closer the autumn is, the more often you feel like you want to plunge into the whirlpool of school life, see friends and get acquainted with new ones.

In this category, you see the game School of Riddles, which will remind you of sensations when you sit on a boring math lesson, unable to focus on the subject. Thoughts float on the outside, and lesson minutes last forever. No matter how difficult it is for you to wait for a change, you still remain in the class until the very bell. The heroes of our story, too, was an obedient boy, until he broke down, and did not break the rules.

Corridor Adventures

Games School of puzzles online At some point a young man named Phil could not hold back any longer, and he listened to the inner voice, which implored him to escape from the lesson. So he did rise from behind the desk, and went outside to relax in the park. He did not even suspect that during the classes all the doors leading to the street were locked.
Wandering through school corridors while playing a School of Riddles along with a hero, you need to help him complete an escape:

  • Communicate with the Characters
  • Select items
  • Solve the puzzles
  • Remove the key
  • Leave a school

It seems that the mission is not so difficult, but it is necessary to figure out how to get the required in order to go further. Every oncoming person asks you for a favor, and the request must be fulfilled in order to receive in return what you need, or rather another character, in exchange for his service. Following such a chain, you will find where the coveted key from going outside is stored. When Phil opens the door, it will mark the end of the game School of Riddles, but only the first part. Ahead of you and other adventures of a young man who does not like to learn.

New Adventures

Games School of puzzles online What now provoked the escape of the boy? In the new series, he was tired of listening to the melody of sounds in a music lesson, and he entered according to a familiar scheme, simply left the class, but had previously stunned the teacher with a sharp sound of a pipe to clear a guarded passage.

Knowing that the doors are locked, the young man is ready for the next quest to find the key. Phil goes to different classrooms, talks to people, fulfills their strange requests. Someone has lost the mop, and cannot find it, and therefore is looking for help from our hero, someone found that there is no paper in the toilet, and begs for help. Whatever you do for the sake of others, to achieve the desired.

In the third series of the School of Riddle, Phil becomes a true escape master, honing his talent. The geography lesson does not seem so useful to him to sacrifice freedom for him. He pulls a rubber band out of the vent, pulls it out, and lets it go right into the teacher's eyes in a swift flight. This is a brutal attack, but the boy is now the owner of points, which are attributed to another character in the library. And again the wheel of adventures spun in which you need to find the right solutions for escape.

In the following parts, everything will be even more mysterious. Phil threatens to fall into hell, just making an awkward movement when a kooky teacher looks at him. And the other plot of the game, the School of Riddles, flows in a kind of high-tech world, and the place from which to escape is not at all like a school.

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