Games Let the bullets fly

Games Let the bullets fly

We must destroy a group of people, and now you will play free online games. Let the bullets fly to destroy the settlement, using a minimum of ammo. At each level, 12 bullets are issued, but to carry out the operation effectively, use the rebound to get to groups that are trying to hide from your justice in secluded places. Shooting objects and walls, you make the bullets bounce off them, and fly in a different direction. Only by choosing the direction of the shot, you can achieve a positive result.
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Games Let the bullets fly: mass disorder

Games Let the bullets fly online The plot gives the games a certain direction, style and character. Among the logical directions there are many products that differ in the level of complexity, characters, objects and script. This is intended to satisfy the tastes of players of different genders and ages. Among the vast diversity of each game looks seductive and "tasty", but now we want to introduce you to the original shooter, so open the game Let the bullets fly.
You have to destroy not buildings, but lives. Although about the lives still need to decide what this concept is in this series of fun.

Meet the cool guys

The situation that you see in front of you is quite extraordinary. The shooter aims at a group of people, but they do not show any attempt to escape. Moreover, when they are shot, they fall, as if oblique, and the wounded remain standing, swaying until they are laid down with the next shot.

Agree that this is not too much like the execution of an innocent. Rather, it is the destruction of zombies, which are already dead. Games Let the bullets fly online In this case, during the game Let the bullets fly you will have an important job, because if there are too many dead people, there will be no living people at all, and zombies will roam the earth in search of food.

Pores to charge a revolver, and go on a mission. You are waiting for many levels at which it is necessary to destroy enemies from different positions. Zombies in groups or one by one stand on platforms, hiding behind cover. They do it unconsciously, just intuitively trying to occupy the whole space. This complicates the work, since there is little to be allocated for each mission, but if you try, you can kill all the zombies without even wasting your cartridge belt.

  • Destroy zombies at every level
  • Looking for the perfect angle for the shot
  • Use ricochet
  • Assult to using explosives

Game Features

The principle of the game Let the bullets fly easily understand kill all enemies. Another thing is the approach to implementation. If you try to catch the enemy with a direct hit, just waste your ammunition, and you will be sent to replay the level again until you reach the desired result. On the ground, it is not for nothing that dynamite hung by chains, barrels with explosive compositions, and large heavy projectiles appear. These are your supporting tools for work. The shot can kill the steel chain holding the dynamite sticks, and it will fall into the crowd, explode, smashing several dead at once.

Games Let the bullets fly online Not bad help kernels that roll, and crush zombies softly. If you see that one of them is on an elevation, and below it is a powder keg, it’s easy to guess what to do. The action itself suggests shooting a barrel, and blow up a zombie.

During the game Let the bullets fly will also have to show their skills in the application of the bounce. Without him there will not do any level. Even starting to play from the first part, already at the initial level you will encounter the need to use this method. Learn to find the correct shooting angle to break the flight of a bullet to destroy a difficult-to-reach target.

For all the series of the game Let the bullets fly you will always feel like a bounty hunter. Be accurate and use logic for passing. Take care of your ammo and turn obstacles into dignity, use weapons wisely, rely on the help of auxiliary explosive and heavy objects. The best part is that even if the bullet flies straight at you, it does not threaten the life of the shooter. Enjoy the passage, exterminating the living dead.

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