Wild West games

Wild West games

to open a free online game Wild West, you will find yourself at the birth of America where citizens flocked to other countries in the hope to build a free country. How did they do, you will see, and came to play in the proposed subjects. Not all went smoothly and once – Robbers attacked trains and stagecoaches, robbed them and killed passengers. The saloon was always full of people, but as entertainment they played darts or shoot just at the walls of the institution. Card games also took last place in their life, and therefore accept the challenge and become the king of poker.

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Games Wild West – western in flesh

Wild West games

With the advent of cinema history Wild West acquired romanticized color where nice guys fight back, and the bandits always win. Western became a favorite genre of the middle of the last century, which has always attended cowboys, hunting buffalo, gold mines, clashes between gangs and the sheriff, the war with the Indians, the cancan and binge drinking in bars, often ending in a shootout.

In the plots always someone catches someone while racing through the deserted prairies. Hungry for profit robbing trains and stagecoaches, undeterred by the senseless murder. Many were swept gold rush and are tied around the topic most exciting events.

Now, fans of the theme available new systems – Game Wild West, which has not been forgotten either one side of the lives of people troubled times. Try to catch and tame the mustang, using a lasso. Cowboys hunted that caught the most swift and beautiful wild horses from the herd.

Tamed, they were very expensive, and it was one of the types of earnings.

In the rubric of threads are waiting for you:

  • Train Robbery
  • The search for gold
  • Card games
  • Skirmishes
  • search
  • Logic fun

Are you a cowboy

Wild West games Wild West games Each Wild West online game offers a kind of test: on the accuracy, agility, dexterity, speed, observation. Solve issues have by force of arms, and if not a coward, you will take part in this duel. Opponents are in front and everyone is ready to grab his gun. Who was the first time to have more chances to shoot and hit the enemy. But it is necessary that the bullet hit the target, otherwise the next time you yourself become a victim.

It is also necessary to be able to shoot aiming at full speed. Jumping on a horse, shoot from the chase, knocking his pursuers from the saddle. At other times during the jump jump on the roof of the train, carrying valuables and money. Guard and casual passengers can be sent to the consumption, so as not to hinder the robbery.

Upon learning of the rich gold mine, you just need to be there to present their ownership stakes. A hidden treasure will have to look on the map and going at each performing a specific task.

Meet you and Cactus McCoy, who became a prickly plant after the curse a witch. Now he yearns to regain former shape, and had to carry out different assignments in the hope that he was lucky to find a means of getting rid of the hated shell.

Get Rich possible by various means, and card games – One of the ways. In the saloon at the table has the company to be honest or dishonest, but to break the bank. Getting involved in this scam, be prepared for swindling, and if you can do distort cards, then go for it.

waiting for you and not the usual adventures of the Wild West. One of the dead men got out of their graves, and live in the city was impossible. Brave tavern bartender picked up his full arsenal and began shooting zombies. The meeting with the aliens can not be called an ordinary case, but began the invasion of UFOs. Cowboy Johnny alone confronts the entire space fleet. He has to shoot the alien ships, and avoid being dumped their bombs.

contains the logic

In addition to the shootings, and you will see such fun as finding objects in the illustrations, cowboy mahjong, a way out of the room or the bar, the destruction of structures. You know the rules of the games, and the only difference between them – the theme of the Wild West. It gives the story an original shade, supported by appropriate musical motifs and sounds. You can also play darts and thimbles.

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