Glitter Force games

Glitter Force games

To experience the adventure heroic history, open free online games Cheerful kids tablets. You will get acquainted with the five brave and very beautiful heroines, and be able to play them in your favorite destinations. They love to be transformed, so do not hesitate, picking them accessories, shoes, clothing. Play with solar Anane, beautiful Reiki Miyuki happy, cheerful and peaceful Nao Yayoi tic -tac-toe, fold chain of their portraits. They are carefully monitored for a, and introduce you to the elements of outer beauty, using a variety of women's tricks and tweaks.
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Games Funny Babes pills with beautiful heroines

Glitter Force games Glitter Force games Those who are looking for an opportunity to accomplish the feat will definitely find themselves in the right place and at the time when the adventures will fall on their heads. But it happens that fate finds people, and presents them a surprise, from which it does not get out. Opening the fun kids pills games, you will understand how incredible sometimes there are stories.
Bright and dynamic games Funny kids tablets are made in the style of Japanese anime, and join the collection of fans of oriental culture. Girls will find their favorite directions for themselves, and they will spend time in the company of girls who are easy to recognize by their color design.

Incredible Story

As often happens, there are two sides that represent dark and light energy, and which are waging continuous war among themselves. This time, Fairyland is confronting the terrible Piero ruler of the Lands of the Terrible End
Piero was a strong enemy, but Queen Royal was stronger, and plunged him into endless sleep, although she had to sacrifice herself. However, the faithful henchmen of the dark lord did not give up, but were filled with a dream to revive him so that he would again lead the war, which still continues.
To carry out our plans, you need to concentrate negative energy among the local population so that they can be easily manipulated. With this mission, the agents of the dark forces are sent to planet Earth to spread various misfortunes among people, and to extract manifestations of negativity.

Glitter Force games The inhabitants of the Fairytale Country also need their own warriors, and they announce the search for girls who can dispel the darkness in human souls and hearts, will help to revive a positive outlook on life. Five 14-year-old girls turned out to be such healers:

  • Miyuki
  • IoI
  • Anane
  • Rake
  • Nao

Each is different in character and appearance, has its own special gift and thus complements the team, makes it whole, invincible. All the girls are fearless, decisive, funny and elegant, which is particularly well emphasized by the games Funny Kids tablet dress up.
They may be too young, but in courage they will not refuse, and they are ready to fight the demons who oppose them on the side of evil. They constantly train, sharpen their talents, and go to new tasks in order to destroy the enemy, take away his artifacts, and credit another glorious victory to his account.
Interesting Facts:

  • The idea and plot was inspired by the Sailor Moon universe, and the authors retained the idea with the top five super-heroines.
  • In the names of the heroines, their pseudonyms are encrypted: Akane is sunny, Miyuki is happy, Reyka is beautiful, Nao is cheerful, Yayoi is peaceful.

Time to play

Glitter Force games Glitter Force games Cheerful kids tablets of the game invite girls to the fervent company of heroines who are engaged not only in the destruction of evil, but do not forget their favorite girlish activities:

  • Games Cheerful Babes Tablet Dress Up
  • Puzzles
  • Memory Training
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Design
  • Draw the manga
  • Three in a row

In each topic you will open the character of girls. Pick each outfit in her taste and help to maintain hygiene. During the fun kids pills games, assemble the puzzle, trying to find each element its place. It's not so easy, you need to carefully examine each line and shade of color.
Here is also available the favorite game of all in tic-tac-toe. It is rarely found in thematic games, and therefore well refreshes the range of this direction. Fans of logical tasks can also play a collection of three elements of chains, building portraits of heroines in a row. You will enjoy great entertainment in the friendly company of brave Healers from the Fairy Tale Country.

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