The Backyardigans games

The Backyardigans games

The children managed to catch the fancy of heroes online game The backyardigans: Hippo, penguin, kangaroo, calf and Unikva - lovely creature in pink overalls and a curled mustache on his head. We invite them to play for free in different subjects. Just imagine how you travel with the team in the adventure on the waves, avoiding collisions with rocks and reefs. No less fun to begin preparations for Halloween, picking up every special outfit. Now wear suits, and go to conquer Mars, and then locate the hidden stars move in the realm of purity and catch the magic egg.
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Igry Dreamers for real vydumschikov

The Backyardigans games next American- Canadian animated series inspired by the creators of computer games products on the Dreamers. Like the cartoon, virtual adventures designed for a younger group of gamers who are all curious, new and unusual.

Children in their fantasies will give odds to any writer. In his imagination, the kids swim in the unknown distance, meet with fictional characters, communicate with them and have time to believe that they are real. Little Dreamers invent whole worlds and their inhabitants, save the galaxy to conquer the ocean, make friends with pretty, good creatures and dashing defeat enemies.
Games Dreamers help even fly into space. If you adore adventure is heading, where you should be. And when it comes time to relax, virtual friends wait for you, and be happy with your return in order to hit the road again.

Kazhdaya cartoon series, this is another journey to a new, still unexplored territory, and Dreamers games are very similar to them. The next game is prepared for a new job in the company of cheerful friends. Having fun, children will benefit from the passage of toys will develop talent and to learn. Parents will also be happy to have on hand as a useful assistant, who can be entrusted with the child, and away for a few minutes.

Geroi and their surroundings obitaniya

Chto well prepared players zveryata funny?

The Backyardigans games The first step is to get acquainted with the characters of the game Dreamers, so meet:

  • Pablo very resourceful pingvinenok
  • Tasha – baby begemotik
  • Tiron – pretty losenok
  • Ostin – playful, cheerful kengurenok
  • Unika – charming creature with antennae on the head and in pink kombinezone
  • Skrytye zvezdy
  • Brodilki
  • Vvedenie bukv
  • Poisk predmetov
  • Priklyucheniya

Nebyvaloe razvlechenie

The Backyardigans games Now it's time to go into the unknown adventure in which you will unlock amazing places.
Tolko imagine that you have got to Mars, and should be tested in order to collect crystals for scientists in the laboratory. Pablo, Austin and Unica arrived on the red planet, and Mars rovers went in search of important artifacts.
front of a lot of barriers and obstacles, but travelers do not seem to fear the upcoming challenges with a smile and hit the road. Their rover is able to jump in and swim, so feel free to use his ability. Jump over large rocks, balloons and floating islands, do not fall under the rockfall, geyser and other active phenomena. By clicking on the correct colored button at the end of each level, you get three of the crystal in which scientists need.
Then go on a journey through the countries, and create the perfect trip using the outfits for the characters and attributes appropriate to the situation. For example, on the beach can be a pirate with a hook in a cocked hat and an eye patch, and next treasure chest.
One company saw herself medieval robbers led by Robin Hood. But their concern is not the purity of a robbery. Once hooligans pelted with mud the city and its main gate, zveryata decided to wash them. Armed with a washcloth, Robin rubs the city walls from top to bottom, at the same time searching for the keys to the castle.
Excellent plot of the game Dreamers will have fun on Halloween. Choose a background, one of his friends, put on his hat and suit. The trees, houses and fences hang the appropriate objects and living beings, bats, lanterns from pumpkins, black cats, slugs, and other attributes. Now choose a picture frame, for example, web, and print the result.

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