Cat Around the World games

Cat Around the World games

Conveniently situated for monitors, since you will have a fascinating tour round the world, and help to make it a free online game Cat around the world. Starting to play in the next game, you find yourself in another country, another culture. The hero dream - to taste different peoples, but it is necessary to overcome a lot of difficulties. He decides to help with your clever puzzles, fights with predators and poisonous insects. Cat ready to overcome any difficulty, just to taste a new dish instead of annoying the cat's canned and dry tablets, and you will help him to overcome all difficulties.
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Tasty Cat games around the world

Cat Around the World games Cat Around the World games Nobody will refuse an exquisite delicacy, and it is always interesting to try something special, new. These gourmets include the hero of the game Cat around the world, who once was fed up with food from jars and bags, and he decided to change his diet.
Now, instead of cat food in the form of pills and canned food, he travels around different countries, tasting the local cuisine. It turns out that the Cat games around the world are at the same time a culinary theme, travels, and also logic games, since the traveler will have to get food for a mustache independently by solving puzzles.

What do we have for the first?

The fact that the cat has become the pilgrim hero is not surprising. Cats have always been famous for their masterful kind, and went where they wanted. In food, they are also very capricious, and they are not forced to eat what they do not like. And they are the most curious, and always strive to where something interesting is planned. Given this, there are no more ideal candidates for a round-the-world tour of countries and continents than a cat.
Discovering Cat games around the world, tune in to the positive that each game version is saturated with. First, with a cat you go to America. There, the national dish can be freely called a hamburger. The look and flavor of juicy patties inside soft buns aroused the hero's appetite, and he intends to take a sample from him.
That's just not so easy to get to the hamburger, which someone put on the most inaccessible shelf. But our hero is very clever, and will find a way to get to the delicacy. It is only necessary to understand the sequence in which to remove the ice elements so that the hamburger begins to slide off the shelf, collecting stars along the way. If everything is done correctly, you will receive not only the dish, but also the maximum number of points. In case of failure, the hamburger will be trapped, and it will be a failure.

Continuing to open a new

The first independent steps of the hero are behind, and new opportunities and taste experiments are opening up ahead. Further the cat will visit such places:

  • Germany
  • Turkey
  • Italy
  • Ancient India
  • Thailand
  • China
  • Afrike

Cat Around the World games Cat Around the World games A lover of tasty food has a solid appetite, and was filled with passion to try new tastes. Now his way goes to Europe, where tables with Italian pizza, Dutch flavored cheese, German spicy sausage, French tender croissants are already laid for him. That's just here the game Cat around the world offer to make efforts to get to all this feast. But the cat will not be confused, and will find a solution to all the tasks that sly people have prepared for him.
Having been fed here, further traces of the traveler are drawn to Asia, where, together with you, he will explore the local culture, admiring sights and culinary delights. It was to be expected that here, too, the games of the Cat around the world would present a surprise, and they would not be allowed to stretch their paws for great dishes freely. But the hero is no stranger to overcome difficulties, and he is ready for new challenges. Tips will still help to understand the principle of action, and more likely to achieve a result.
Satisfying the hunger with the sweets of the East, the hero sets off again. During the journey, he managed to get hungry again, and dreams of tasting new dishes, arriving in Africa. Kotik is surprised by the exotic and variety of fruits, but he is frightened by spiders and other dangerous creatures, of which there are too many. But you can not leave him hungry, and therefore figure out how to get food. Using all your logic and talents, you will make an amazing, fascinating journey around the world, having become acquainted with the traditions of different countries.

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