Around the World games

Around the World games

Play free online games Around the World, it is not only an adventure with the famous Fogg and Passepartout, and a lot of subjects that do not require you to visa and passport to travel the world. Before you open a fabulous country, their great wonders and beauty. To make the trip, choose whether you want to go through multiple layers of three in a row toy or dress up in costumes girl get into a surreal world of all or a balloon to visit world capitals. The whole planet is at your disposal, and who will be your companion in this difficult but incredibly tour, you have the right to choose for yourself.

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A great bet

Around the World games The process of the game around the world takes place in the form of long-familiar to you – compound identical objects in a chain of three or more. It will collect the eccentric Englishman Mr. Fogg and Passepartout Filiasa – Frenchman his servant in a long road, which for eighty days will be surprises. However, this adventurous couple, you made a dizzying journey to different locations, you will see the incredible beauty of the world and all this in order to win a bet.

Before the start of an odyssey need to take care of the luggage and the first thing you need:

  • bag  
  • Card  
  • The diary entries
  • Compass

However, other items will also be useful, but to get them, at every level need to collect the pieces of the chain so that there was a part of the object fell out of the playing field. But achieving this, do not forget that three in a row element – it is the minimum necessary, and to earn useful power-ups, you have to try to make as many chains, which will be more fragments. Successful completion of the next level brings the glasses on your account, as well as valuable brand, which depicts the place you visited.

playing games Travel Around the World

Around the World games You will visit different cities and admire its unique beauty, playing the game around the world in 80 days. The game itself also looks very impressive, and its creation, developers have not regretted a color palette of colors, effects and sound, adjusts to positive. To the right on the screen you are invited to refer to the current state of your affairs and you will always know the score and the number of days that you spent in the journey. And committing acts do not forget to keep track of time allotted for the passage of the current phase. This will help you watch, measured by the arrows running minutes. If you do not have time to complete the mission, will have to replay the level for the time being, until the time runs out. You can also take advantage of bonus things that you managed to collect during this time, but Around the World games applying them, be careful and economical, because they are not infinite, and recovery will take a few precious minutes, which might not be enough. Therefore, before recourse to them, try on their own to collect the required number of chains and get all the items, and only if you realize that you did not have time, use bonuses.

The process of delaying the game around the world into the whirlpool of events does not let go for a moment and like players of all ages. If you feel a craving for adventure, try to see the world and wants adventure, this game is just made for you. Author – Jules Verne wrote a lot of stories in which the characters do the impossible, and overcoming obstacles in his adventures, but this story is familiar to all, and yet because it was filmed. Playing in the computer version of the same name around the world in 80 days, if you are reborn in memory of the famous event, but now in your power to create their own version, taking direct part in it. Who has never dreamed to visit distant continents to see the way of life of other nations, hot air balloon rides, swimming on a ship and challenge the destiny? Embarking on this adventure, you bet in the big game, and to win, we must make every effort and apply wit to get out of any dangerous situation, to find a way where it is not expected to win strangers and win. That's all for the sake of victory and was started as well as to prove the reality of an insane idea.

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