Python Squadron games

Python Squadron games

Free online games division python is a great opportunity to try himself as the commander of a military unit. Order, security top secret area. The enemies outnumber squad, but keep the defense is easier than to attack. The correct calculation of tactics and strategy provides a distinct advantage in battle. The unit is well equipped and armed, they will get the rest of his command gaining combat experience. Strikers must remain on the ground, and would not enter the protected object. You can play absolutely free for a long time, just released the five parts of the game. To combat.
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Python Squadron games Python Squadron games Games Division python like all fans of military tactics and strategy. Playing them, the user can show the talents of a brave soldier and a wise commander of the elite squad. The enemies are not asleep, they are well trained, their equipment and the most modern weapons, and their orders, grab, destroying all life around.

Players will have to think carefully over the location of the glorious fighters detachment. The main goal in the game division series python hold positions at all costs, even if the soldiers, this will be the last battle. The latest development is stored at a military base, which is why the enemy does not leave attempts to capture it. Hit technology in the wrong hands, and the world order will end. Command is ready to allocate the player the best fighters to protect the secret base, and supply them with weapons.

Igra Division python so relished users that the authors were not limited to one part of the release. Just a light released five games, each with a sufficiently large number of levels, and with each new enemies are increasing, and the weapons they have all the best. Outfit elite squad also improved, becoming more experienced soldiers, the command sends them reinforcements. The wise commander will be able to cope with the tasks.

Vse the game Division free python, buy victory will not work, even with a strong desire to have to pull it at the cost of lives of soldiers. Download the game to try his hand in the delicate matter of military tactics planning is not necessary, all of the start line. Harvesting for a long time do not have to, you will need to run less than a minute of time. Registration is not, although the achievements can be saved.

Obzor releases Division pitona


Nachinaya first division games python, users will become familiar with the features menu and get the command of a small but brave squad of soldiers. Choose the difficulty level you need at once, all three of them – easy, medium and hard. Enemies will attack at once, the player must first examine the characteristics of each soldier in his unit and to think about their placement. The first soldiers will be:

  • Dzheyms Bon, armed with only a pistol,
  • Dzhon Mambo, in the hands of a flamethrower;
  • Dzhordzh Cush, shoot straight with a shotgun;
  • Kenni Miller, sapper, his task is to mine all the approaches to the base;
  • Alan perks at its disposal mortar.

Python Squadron games Python Squadron games Here are the players with these guys start to the defense of a secret military base. When one warrior will be on its position, the attack will begin after pressing. The fight will be very beautiful.

Esli players to be able to keep a military base in the first game unit python, then continue the series of feats you can run the second part. In fact, from game to game is not much change. Each subsequent part of that same military base, and the first standard set of soldiers. As soon as the soldiers will get experience, players earn game currency. It can be spent on the purchase of equipment, structures, auxiliary equipment. Kits also come at a price. It is important to monitor the physical condition of his soldiers dead fighter is useless in battle. By the end of the game, Python troop will turn into a super -trained skilled warriors, they are not afraid to entrust the defense of any strategically important facility.

Graphics in all versions of the game division python quality. Despite the minimalism battles look realistic, flamethrower spewing flames, bullets whistle, leaving traces in the air. Enemies are bleeding on the battlefield. Adrenaline and adds dynamic music, sounding in the background.

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