Shopaholic games

Shopaholic games

Free Shopaholic games created for those who like to shop in search of a stylish and fashionable clothes. To have a decent wardrobe, it is necessary to go regularly for new delicious things for different occasions. Ladies want to wander through boutiques to try on dresses, pick them accessories, jewelry buying, and after such an exciting day to go to a party to show off the new attire. In all the games in the series Shopaholic to play online for free like the young women of fashion and experienced socialite. They celebrate every woman's dream, to buy all without remorse.
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How pleasant it is to move from a boutique to a boutique, try on dresses, look for a suitable handbag, and then go to the purse to pick up shoes. Look in the salon of hair, well, and then in the jewelry store. Spend the whole day for such pleasant pursuits, you can start playing online games Shopaholic. And this entertainment is absolutely safe for a real wallet.
A series of games Shopaholic will send lovers of shopping in a variety of places:

  • You can visit Hollywood, trying on dresses about which the stars dream. The heroine will be called a guest at parties;
  • Sent to Paris, it's no secret that it is in France that fashion is born. There are waiting for the dress from the most famous couturier;
  • Milan is a great place to buy summer clothes, bustling Italian parties and visit the opera;
  • London is famous for its classical style and evening dresses. Here though it's rainy, but you can buy the most exquisite raincoat.

Shopaholic games If you want to try on a wedding dress, and generally do prepare for such a significant event, then for this there are games for girls Shopaholic in the store before the wedding.

All games Shopaholic are freely available, children and adults can play, but young lovers of fashion clothes and accessories will first have to learn how to count, play money can end quite quickly, and have to wait until the heroine goes to work for a new salary.

Shopping for virtual shopping

Start playing for free shopping for games simply, they do not have to download. All of them are launched directly on the site. First of all, players are encouraged to choose the initial image of their heroine, give her a name and indicate the age. After that, the fashionista will begin to fill her wardrobe with stylish things and lead a secular way of life. The sign of the zodiac determines the character, so you can specify it from the first steps. You can just enjoy shopping or preparing for holidays by buying up themed scenery.

The game Shopaholic in Hollywood will send players directly to meet the dream. The beginning star is on the way to fame and worldwide popularity. A girl arrived with a small amount of money, but this is enough to dress up and try to get to all the significant events. The first tasks will not keep you waiting. They have a dress code, how to look to step onto the road of fame. Further steps are simple to go shopping and buy the necessary outfit and accessories.
The purse is not rubber so when the money is running out, there will be two ways to gamble or go to work. Moving from level to level, the heroine earns popularity points, they open the doors of new stores with even more exquisite clothing, which in turn attracts photographers and agents.

Like in real life, in this game you need to constantly be on the alert. At one point there is an announcement of a grand sale, and all the players are running there. The main thing is to have time, for the present the discount is valid and not all is sold out.

Games for girls Shopaholic is a real adventure for women of fashion. Playing you can understand what exactly is relevant now, for which events this or that outfit fits, and most importantly learn how to manage money, practicing in virtual.

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