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Rapunzel Games

We want to present you Rapunzel games online for free so that you can play dress-up, manicure, cooking, coloring, and puzzle games with this beautiful girl or look for differences and paired pictures. A lot of games for girls become something exceptional when the main character is as sweet and kind as Rapunzel. She has long, luxurious blonde hair, which she is so proud of, but it needs care. When she visits your salon, style them up and add a few eye-catching touches in the form of cute barrettes.

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Rapunzel Games Hard lot of princesses

So many princesses, so many stories, and Rapunzel games for girls are one of them. This girl did not escape the evil fate, and she also had to languish in a high tower for a while, where the evil witch locked her up, having stolen her from her parents. Either from idleness, or from a desire to stand out among the royal friends, but she grew her hair such long that it reached the ground from her high window. At one time, this made the prince's work easier, and he easily climbed up the girl's braid to her bedchamber in order to play in love. It seems that the girl was very hurt when he hung on her hair, and since they were well-groomed - smooth and silky, the prince slipped down more than once and had to repeat the maneuver several times climbing up her hair. But such is the lot of women - if there are no burning huts nearby and galloping horse herds that need to be stopped, you have to come up with your own difficulties in order to have something to overcome. Perhaps it was after this story that women came up with the idea of cutting their hair short so that it would be discourteous for any brave fellows to climb on their heads. And Rapunzel’s game, where she played a hairdresser role, become the ancestor and legislator of a new fashion for princesses.
Rapunzel Games

Going to the salon, start thinking about a new hairstyle. Don’t be afraid to experiment, create and fantasize. Take a look around and get acquainted with the items that will help you in your creative torment:

  • curling irons
  • combs
  • scissors
  • hair dryers
  • paints
  • hairsprays
  • gels

They make up only a small portion of the range. If the result is too bold and not befitting for a princess, update the game and start over. Don’t be afraid for the integrity of Rapunzel's hair - after she has withstood the weight of the prince, she is no longer afraid of anything.

Immerse yourself in endless adventures by playing Rapunzel games

Rapunzel Games Rapunzel dress-up games continue the trendy theme, and now you have to dress up the crowned lady for special occasions, horseback riding, or a walk arm in arm with the groom in the park. Even the escape from the tower, as it turned out, requires special attire and you need to find a robe in which no one will recognize Rapunzel.  Well, do makeup to be disguised for sure. There are also options here - if the princess is going to get married, create an easy, romantic look for her. And if you need to hide, you can do special makeup using greasepaints.

During the online Rapunzel adventure game, you finally set off on the run with your lover. The path is long and full of dangers. The feeling of hunger makes itself felt, and around, as luck would have it, no fragrant cutlets, no veal ham on a skewer, no sweet pie with berries - the foresters didn’t take care to ease the way for our revolutionaries. Well, you have to chew what grows on the bushes. Without hesitation, the prince and princess ate some suspicious berries and prepared for the worst. But, lo and behold, they have discovered paranormal abilities! But it can be assumed that the berries turned out to be hallucinogens and our heroes just imagined that they had become wizards. In general, it’s better not to eat something that you don’t know, and even more so unwashed and dirty hands.

Other most common genres are puzzles, coloring, and looking for differences, objects, and identical pictures. Without them, it’s generally difficult to imagine at least one character, living in a virtual universe, that the game developers wouldn't offer to assemble from pieces or return color to him. And now there is a similar task, where there are always options for the process. Sometimes the search is presented in a rather original form, for example, to show the differences, you need to point the camera lens at them and fix them in a separate frame.

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