Treasures of Montezuma games

Treasures of Montezuma games

To get the greatest journey in order to find the ancient treasures of the Aztecs, you do not need serious equipment and months of training. Open the online game The Treasures of Montezuma, and start playing for free on the principle of"three in a row." Mysterious letters, magic crystals, magical totems will help you make the next step, following the map that leads through the jungle in the valley, where the once thriving capital city, and the emperor Montezuma hidden formula of eternal life, written in gold calendar. Collect crystals, strengthen artifacts, play at a time, and find the lost knowledge.
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Games Treasures of Montezuma: fascinating archeology

The Treasures of Montezuma games The principle of gameplay, when it is necessary to collect the same items in a chain containing three or more elements, has gained immense popularity. It is often possible to see how quite respectable adults move multi-colored stones on the screen with excitedly glowing eyes, which also contain elation and thirst to win.
Plots such as the games The Treasures of Montezuma are offered for free to a wide audience, and are always available on our portal. This is a fascinating story with adventures and treasure hunting. You will meet a fourth year student at the University of Archeology, who works in a museum. As a novice, she was assigned the most boring job to disassemble the archives. If only the museum staff knew what treasure she would stumble upon, they would save this adventure for themselves.
Laying out the paper for periods and topics, Emily Jones read the diary of a monk who once went to the Aztec country to instill in them their religion. Among his manuscripts was a drawing of stone idols, which exactly repeats the composition that is in the same museum. The monk wrote that this is a map that will lead to the sacred valley, where Montezuma hid the golden calendar with a recipe for eternal life.
The story intrigued the girl so much that she continued her search and found a box with ancient chips. They were all different colors and had a pattern, and some even had gems enclosed. New find fascinated Emily, and she began to move them, looking for the right combination. Soon she found out that putting three, four or more elements nearby, you can make them disappear, and if a crystal is enclosed in them, he will go to the treasury on the top panel at the top of the field.
The Treasures of Montezuma games The discovery inspired a novice archaeologist, and she invites you to play the Treasures of Montezuma in order to solve puzzles, explore the treasure map, and find a golden calendar with ancient knowledge.

We accumulate points and earn bonuses

No one toy can not do without incentives, and the game Treasure of Montezuma also has its own system of game points. Collecting crystals and passing levels, you accumulate points, which are then converted into artifacts and totems with certain abilities:

  • Dynamite is undermining neighboring chips around him
  • Hours give extra time for the passage of
  • Lightning destroy even more chips
  • Totems can break all elements of the same color at the site and do much more.

The Treasures of Montezuma games Each level becomes more difficult in the sense that it is required to collect more gems, and the chips are no longer in a hurry to build into chains as successfully as they were at the beginning. But with the difficulties appear and privileges, because now you can use the magic power of artifacts.
After completing the levels you earn gold stars, which help to strengthen one of the artifacts, if you press "+". You can also take a star from one of the artifacts, and add it to another, increasing the power of its action.
During the passage of the game, the Treasures of Montezuma online after a successful combo will turn on the super mode, when all the collected chains will bring double points.

In the pursuit of new treasures

The first part opens the way to adventure, but the games of the Treasure of Montezuma invite you to play online further, trying to avoid trouble in the Egyptian pyramid, where you will be taken in the second series. Queen Zezey hired the best architects, and they built a labyrinth, equipping it with traps on the way to a cache of jewels. But this is not all, because you will find five exciting game series.

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