Piggy in a puddle - play online

Piggy in a puddle - play online

Meet the cute, funny and mischievous heroine of the online game Piggy in a puddle, with which everyone can get to know and play for free. Fans of puzzles will especially be delighted by the funny plot, because throughout several parts you will visit the company of a restless heroine in different parts of the world, and all for the sake of her favorite delicacy - ripe acorns. And in order to effectively complete each harvest, she plunges into the pelvis, filled to the top with liquid mud. But most importantly, it is an opportunity to use the power of logic in order to properly use the mechanisms and help of other characters.
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Funny puzzles: Pig games in a pool

Pig Games in the Puddle Online If you already play computer games, then those that bring joy and help maintain the level of ingenuity at a high level. Fans of puzzles will appreciate the online games Piggy in the pool when they get acquainted with the main character of the game series.

Rosovoshchekaya piggy loves to rest on perches high above the ground, and in order not to fall from her perch, she spreads her legs wider, and it seems that she becomes square. If you need to go down, the heroine has invented an original way to roll down an inclined plane. Turning this trick, it is enough for her to pick up the paws in order to take a more rounded shape, after which it is easier than simple to start the roll upside down.

She does it not only for the sake of entertainment, but at the same time extracts acorns scattered around the perimeter. She loves them very much, and does not want to miss a single treat. To get to them, sometimes you have to think carefully, break your head. But this is natural, for it’s not for nothing that free games Pig in a puddle belong to the category of logical fun.

We accompany and manage the heroine

Pig Games in the Puddle Online The essence of the gameplay boils down to the following manipulations:

  • Controlling mumps mouse
  • We overcome obstacles
  • Using Mechanisms
  • We interact with other characters
  • Collecting Acorns
  • We fall in the trough with dirt
  • Pass the levels

A busy adventure awaits you in the company of a funny pig. Where you need to turn into a wheel, and roll down, where you have to become a square again. The transition between these states should be smooth, phased so as not to miss the right moment. If you go too far, the acorn lover will be hungry, and you have to replay the round until she finally collects her delicacy to the last fruit.

We start playing games in the pool to play for free, you will love the heroine immediately. Her love for the dirt even touches, because she always completes her next mission by immersing in a trough, splashing briskly around the marsh spray. Well, each has its own weaknesses, and mud baths are even beneficial.

Game moments

Pig Games in the Puddle Online

Nature, this is a big house for different living creatures, and it is quite logical that the pig is found on its journey with other animals that help it to carry out tasks. For example, everyone knows that the toad has a sticky tongue, and therefore the mumps swings on it, like on a pendulum, in order to jump from one place to another. The lamb proved to be very strong and long arms, and it holds the eater of acorns until it grabs the next crossbar.

In the following parts of the mumps waiting for the continuation of adventures, and together with them new acquaintances.

Having appeared in the forest, she will make friends with the bear, which also contributes to her process of gathering acorns. In the more often also live monkeys, which are famous for their love to fool around and frolic. Well, the heroine is ready for this, because what an adventure without new acquaintances and unexpected events. If you skillfully take advantage of the situation, everything can be turned into a benefit. Remember that the main task of any part is to harvest the goodies and jump into the mud bucket when you play Piggy in a puddle to play online.

Third series opens new horizons, and now the heroine conquers snow fields and ice barriers. Polar bears, deer, seals, penguins live among white landscapes, and in the eternal glaciers we see frozen bones of mammoths and dinosaurs, creating a special entourage.
Pitfalls have also become more cunning and dangerous, and also, it is still necessary to solve puzzles in order to pass all tests with honor, avoid trouble, overcome obstacles.

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