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is an opportunity to communicate with the fairies is not so much: cartoons, stories and books free online game Winx. Lose the opportunity to play with the cute creatures do not want to, because in the game so many interesting products! With the fairies, you fly in the sky and collect jewels, hearts and stars, to equip their house and pick up clothes. A lot of puzzles and coloring books on the subject will not pass by you, and also interesting to find hidden tsiferki or shaped as letters on a background image. Even an encounter with a monster is not terrible, because each fairy holds a protective magic.

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Winx games Winx games We live in a world where a lot of the most ordinary things: first, we go to kindergarten, and then learn in school, then try to get a higher education and then have until retirement go to work or earn money in any other way. Everything in our lives is quite commonplace: many have a car, someone who lives in a studio apartment, and someone in a huge mansion. However, all of us like to dream, to imagine that we are not one of the living beings in the universe, except that we have someone else, at what the « anyone » Not only can live on other planets, but also among us, but we do not notice them.

The Magic Planet fairies

One of these visionaries turned InGen Straffi – Italian cartoonist who invented the animated series about the adventures of girls little fairies. Animated series tells the story of a girl named Bloom, who lived a normal life on our planet before she learned that she is a princess from the planet Domino. Once in the magical world, Bloom creates a club which included five of her girlfriends – such as fairies, like herself. Each episode tells of the confrontation against the forces of evil fairies and their personal relationships, both with each other and in general associated with them. As we mentioned, the main characters, fairies Winx, six.



  • Bloom – the heroine of the animated series. It was built around her first three seasons of the animated series, which tells the story of her life. She is the founder of the club Winx fairies after knowing that she is a fairy and hit the magical school called Alpheus. Like all magical creatures, Bloom has magic « Dragon Fire » – one of the most powerful magical elements. In Bloom big blue eyes, red hair and fair skin. Her favorite clothes – blue and yellow shirt, blue jeans with inserts in the form of stars and yellow sandals.
  • Stella – Another participant of the Winx, the princess from the planet Solaria. She is the most beautiful fairy in the magical world, has the magic of the sun, moon and stars, which had her parents. She has big green eyes beautiful shape, golden hair, which are often decorated with tiny purple rim. Most often, Stella dressed in green short topic, a skirt with sequins and green sandals decorated with a flower.
  • Flora – Fairy from the planet Linfen. Her power, which is common to all the inhabitants of the planet with her, and it is the power – the magic of the Earth. Repeatedly she rescued Flora in the fight against the forces of evil. She has green eyes and caramel-yellow hair. She dressed in a light green top, pink short skirt and sandals with a strawberry on the platform.
  • Muse – Fairy from the planet Melody. It has the magic of music and harmony, which she got from her mother. This fairy Asian appearance, with blue eyes and pale skin. She loves to dress in red topic, lilac bandages that are on the hands, jeans and sports shoes.  
  • Tecna – Fairy from the planet Zenith. It has the magic of nano technology, which is well-versed. She has a purple short hair, colored blue-green eyes. Tecna dresses in purple vest, the same color sweat pants and multicolored sneakers.
  • Winx games Winx games Layla – last fairy of Winx, who arrived from the planet Andros. The most physically trained fairy having water magic. She has blue eyes, dark skin and long curling hair. He likes to walk in the light hooded jacket, breeches and white sneakers with heels.

The magical world of Winx games

On our site you will find the game Winx Club fairies school, where you will find the main characters of the animated series. Games Winx Club fairies School will suit not only the girls, despite the fact that the cartoon is focused on the female half of the population. Winx Club fairies school games are available on our site for free, so enjoy even greater popularity. You will see a variety of categories of the Winx Club fairies school games, which includes many of the most well-known game genres. If you like cartoons with funny fairies, if you want to have a great free time – Welcome to the category of games School of fairies Winx.

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