The Fancy Pants games

The Fancy Pants games

Funny stories have prepared for you free The Fancy Pants games, in which you will now play, driving young men from the world of stickmen. To stand out among the little men, he dressed in orange pants, and made a cool haircut. This is a unique fellow, because he boldly embarks on adventures, where there are many enemies and dangers. To cope with the tasks helps him a good physical preparation. See for yourself how deftly he climbs the sheer walls, fearlessly jumps to any height, dives to dangerous depths, reaching small curls and bonus stars everywhere.
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Dynamic The Fancy Pants games

The Fancy Pants games The world of stikmenov is quite lively. At first glance it seems that all the painted little men are the same circle instead of the head and the wand instead of the body, arms and legs. But if you add a few additional elements, for example, sticking out hair and orange pants, like the hero of the The Fancy Pants games, you can’t confuse him with anyone.

Before you are a very active, mischievous young man who is seriously involved in parkour, because high fences, walls and even houses are not a serious obstacle for him. He deftly climbs on them, having previously driven away. Even if it does not go right to get to the desired height, you can go back a couple of steps back up again, and try again.

The Fancy Pants games managing

In the course of his jumps, the young man collects spirals that are scattered around the perimeter everywhere. They help him to jump higher and cling to the sheer walls. Driving the boy, you will need these keys:

  • Arrows up and to the sides we run / slide
  • Arrow down / up open doors
  • Keys S Jump

Sometimes the control takes place with one mouse, if the stickman in orange pants rides a snowboard, overcoming various obstacles on it.

Urban Adventures

The Fancy Pants games Exciting fun pants adventure games are offered in the series. Each time, the hero rushes headlong, fulfilling the request of a messenger who arrives on an important mission. Just for a few seconds, he stops to listen to his speech, and starts off at full speed ahead.

In his journey, wherever it lies: in the city, forest, desert and among other landscapes, the hero not only collects spirals and various bonuses, but also meets enemies. It can be not only people, different frogs, spiders and other representatives of the animal world are also trying to keep the young man on the road. But whenever he encounters them, he straightens easily, continuing to run, kicking them ahead of himself, and if he does not want to get involved, he just jumps over and moves on.

To make it more interesting for you to go through adventures, the developers came up with different conditions in which the hero must act. So part of the adventure game of The Fancy Pants 3 begins in the forest, where it is full of multicolored toads, unfriendly against our guy. They first one by one, and then in a crowd attack him, knocking him down.

The Fancy Pants games He is waiting for a serious test in the desert among the hot sands, after which he gets into the deep sea, and swims underwater corridors, collecting treasured spiral. He is also waiting for the ship holds, where many bats and spiders have divorced, but the stickman can turn even a pencil into a deadly weapon.

During the game, The Fancy Pants 2, the story resembles a fairy tale about Alice in Wonderland, which fell into a rabbit mink. Our hero also falls into an underground well in pursuit of a rabbit who stole his ice cream cone. Events begin to unfold on the background of water pipes and intricate underground labyrinths, which are teeming with evil spiders.

Continuing to collect spirals, start playing The Fancy Pants games, riding with a character on a snowboard. Although only the front sight is involved in the management, it is necessary to have time to give a signal to the movement, and in time to draw springboards for jumping so that the stigman does not fall into the abyss and jump onto the height.

Any version of fun is interesting thanks to the next new story that the series is developing. The hero tirelessly runs forward, smashing all the monsters, overcoming obstacles, and completing tasks. Join him, and help on each segment of the path, merging with him into one.

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