Parkour games

Parkour games

What is Parkour online games and how to play them? I have to say that all of them are presented free of charge, and then trick. This line refers to the philosophy of life. Only desperate people are engaged in this art, which is to overcome the obstacles of any complexity and type. This can be at home, fences, parking lots, cars and other objects. It is important to understand that the human body without any insurance and ancillary equipment can adapt to the conditions and merge with them. Parkour easily jump any height, climb walls and jump off without damage.

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Parkour games Sports games arouse excitement in people and infect its energy. Someone becomes a professional, the other satisfies the passive contemplation of the successes of others and the opportunity to support their favorite team or athlete chants. But there are those who always is in search of something new, untested, unchecked, causing a real drive and makes the blood flow faster through the veins.

can be extreme, jumping with a parachute, conquering peaks or wave surfing, dipping diving to great depths to the sharks. But all this takes time and financial costs of travel and equipment.

Games parkour philosophy and the direction

Parkour games Restless spirit of gambling people have found a solution in Parkour, which turned them into the philosophy, lifestyle credo. It is based on the ability to overcome obstacles without slowing down. You do not need special equipment or devices, the human body – all that is required for parkour.

As the noise consider any urban facilities and plants:

  • Trees;
  • Stairs;  
  • Fences;
  • The walls;
  • Railing;  
  • House;
  • The parapets;  
  • Special man-made structure.  

Having decided to do Parkour, you must be prepared for heavy loads physically and spiritually. Like yoga, tracers – engaged in this kind of sports people should cultivate the will, stamina, strength, positive spirit, to kill the inner fear, cause physical and mental body into harmony.

In addition, the tracers have a lot of time for the development of technology, learning to be tenacious, strong, agile, flexible, what good exercise to help athletics and rock-climbing. Like all the action takes place in the show parkour game where the developers have allowed themselves to move away from some of the traditional activities and include additional entertainment elements. This movement came up with Sebastien Foucan and David Belle, and Belle as a motto proposed expression: « no borders, but only obstacles ». The basic principles of the parkour – efficacy, safety, simplicity. All efforts should be concentrated on what was happening, did not dwell on the viewer. All that is outside of the three pillars of whales can not relate to the movement.

Parkour games Online games parkour in its uncomplicated form of trying to convey the main idea of ​​the direction – just your body and his perfect position in space, a true assessment of the situation of their own capabilities and speed of reaction. Sometimes, watching the tracers move, there is a feeling that they are trying to outdo each other. But the very idea of ​​it excludes the rivalry and ostentatious. Even the pursuit of adrenaline contrary to the teachings, although it is difficult to imagine that he was not there during the event.

In the wake of entertainment

However, at some point the authors of Parkour came to controversy. At that time, David Bell adheres to strict framework, Sebastien Foucan wanted to move on and make it more entertaining that would provide commercial benefit when participating in shows and advertisements. By doing this, Belle created a branch that became known as Freerunning, and can say with confidence that play games parkour is not nothing but a play free running.

Who is right, hard to say, but most likely, both the creator simply went their own way, and the right to life is one option. Nothing catastrophic will happen and flash game about parkour we still inspire feats. Choosing a new way of moving, you will remove personal boundaries, and make the world more widely accessible, obstacles negligible, and the possibilities are endless.

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