Dr. Atom and Quark games

Dr. Atom and Quark games

Opening the free Dr. Atom and Quark games, you can play online flights to the stars, test new inventions, collect items, destroy germs, celebrate Christmas. Meet the professor and inventor - Dr. Atom, and his four-legged assistant and laboratory assistant - dog Quark.
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In the Dr. Atom and Quark games lab

Dr. Atom and Quark games online We are in a hurry to acquaint you with the friendly team of Professor of the widest sciences Atom and his indispensable, conscientious assistant dog Quark. These two are inseparable, and in a couple made many discoveries. But they still need an assistant, and you can take part in scientific experiments of a non-cheerful couple, playing Atom and Quark games.

You will find many adventures, bold experiments, incredible discoveries. Looking at the heroes, one wonders at their determination and courage with which they test their discoveries, and often at themselves.

Main game directions

Games Atom and Quark are built on specific tasks, and to get to the end of the fun, having overcome all levels, scientists need to apply logic, dexterity, speed and ingenuity. Moreover, the professor and his faithful dog will not leave you in trouble, and you will feel on a par with them, applying their new developments.

  • Test New Mechanisms
  • Play 3 in a row
  • Conquer Space
  • Mark the holidays

More About Dr. Atom and Quark games

Dr. Atom and Quark games online Starting the game Atom and Quark, you fall into a whirlpool of events. There is a task for everyone, and sometimes it is very dangerous.
One day, Dr. Atom invented a new medicine for all diseases. Like any new tool, you need to try it out in order to know exactly how it works. For this, the patients were brought to the hospital belonging to our heroes. Each patient comes to a special room for diagnostics, and on the screen the professor sees where the problem has settled.

Now, the most interesting part of Quark is putting on a suit that makes him no more than a molecule, and is sent to the patient's body. The doctor gives the dog a command where to go, and he tries to follow his instructions. Armed with a special cannon with medicine, Quark shoots at clusters of bacteria of the same color, but his charge must also correspond to them. If the colors match, the bacteria disappear, opening the way for him further. Once all the germs are destroyed, the dog can return home, and the mission is considered to be successfully completed.

While playing Atom and Quark, you will see that the doctor’s pet often helps him with his invention. In general, the professor is a very versatile person, and invents not only pills, but also various mechanisms. One day, he decided that the propeller would make it possible to mix over long distances much faster. He has fixed a motor with blades on Quark's back, and now intends to turn the structure on.

Dr. Atom and Quark games online This is a dangerous and responsible matter, and therefore it is necessary to fully concentrate. In flight, the Quark should avoid collisions with obstacles, but it is better to assemble the gold nuts in order to improve the flying vehicle.

At another time, Quark was in space, because the doctor decided to mine a rare mineral for his further experiments. His four-legged friend did not hesitate at all, but put on the spacesuit, jumped into a rocket, and now he is already hovering among the asteroids. Try to direct it, not allowing to collide with space debris, because then the ship will fail.

Games Atom and Quark continue to experiment with flights. Now we have a responsible task, where Quark must fly through a series of Christmas tree toys, without breaking one It depends on whether Christmas and New Year will succeed, and how fun these holidays will be.

There is also a game of attentiveness associated with catching piñat. Quark must catch all that fall from the sky, but do not touch those that resemble bombs. The main thing is to keep a keen eye, because soon other dangerous objects red pepper and cacti will be added to the bombs. But piñatas must be badly beaten with a stick in order to get a scattering of sweet candies out of them.

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