Modern tactics games

Modern tactics games

Free online Modern tactics games will appeal to fans to hone the skills of the art of warfare, taking command of a tactical detachment of an anti-terrorist unit. Starting free to play, users are entrusted to a well-trained group of fighters of different types of troops who are ready to learn new tricks. A huge arsenal of rapid-fire weapons, portable salvo installations, sabotage equipment. All missions take place in different locations, with different natural landscapes and types of buildings. Battles with gangsters are conducted step by step, so there is time to think through actions.
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Modern tactics games: Calculating victory

Modern tactics games online A series of game releases. Modern tactics games are created for those players who like to slowly think over each turn before the detachment of fighters entrusted to them enters the battle. In these games, the main thing is tactics and wise command, the enemy will not resist a cold calculation in every action taken.

A total of four versions of the game are released, they differ in missions and the number of units, and combines their turn-based battles, and a wide variety of equipment and weapons. Users ready to take command of a small squad of well-trained fighters, and go into battle fighting the aggressors and terrorists, will be able to find their calling in military affairs. Modern tactics games online

At first glance, a complex management, although after a couple of moves, people who do not know English and children will be able to deal with it. On the right side of the screen there is always a hint which keys of the keyboard are responsible for which action. The authors took into account the wishes of the players, each next version is easier to manage. In the fourth part, users can play both the mouse and the keys.

All games Modern tactics are launched directly from the site, downloaded in a couple of seconds, and work in online mode. Payments with real money in these versions are not available, only game currency. Soldiers gain experience by surviving in battle, and weapons, equipment and medicines can be bought.

Features of games Modern Tactics

The main feature of all four parts of the game. Modern tactics games are undoubtedly military art, the ability for the minimum number of moves, using the features of the terrain and the existing fences to destroy the enemy, even exceeding the unit in number.

Each fighter in a unit can be differently trained and armed, his role in the team is determined by the player independently, depending on the purpose of the mission, whether this is an offensive, a counter battle or a defense. Locations in games are enough to ensure that no one repeats.

In the first part of the game, the arsenal is impressive, it contains almost all known types of modern weapons, only 12 machine guns, for example:

  • AK -47;
  • M16A4;
  • M4 Carabiner;
  • P90;
  • МР 5, and many others.

Modern tactics games online In addition to the main weapon, the detachment can take auxiliary and strengthen the position with flamethrowers, grenade launchers and mines. For sabotage action suitable grenades, smoke bombs and light flashes. The fighters can learn a variety of skills, pyrotechnic for arson, electrotechnical for killing signals and turning off the enemy's electronics.

Second part of the game. Modern tactics transfer, under player command, an anti-terrorist squad of well-trained fighters. Each mission is either the release of hostages, or the destruction of criminals.

The third issue will please all fans to think about military puzzles with an even greater variety of weapons, portable deadly weapons and the skills of soldiers. Each task will be a real challenge for the user's mind.

The last part of the game. Modern tactics are even more technological, it is not only a platoon of players well armed, the terrorists were able to acquire the newest weapon so as not to be taken by surprise. The plans of well-trained bandits do not include being killed, without having committed their crimes. An innovation of this part is the ability to move the map.

Despite the graphics in the style of minimalism, the games are very high quality and well thought out. In the games, wonderful music creates a tense atmosphere, and every shot is voiced, making the fight more believable.

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