Paper Cannon games

Paper Cannon games

The original look of the Paper Cannon games, which you can play online now and then for free. Unusual creatures have settled in the checkered world, and although they do not show obvious hostility, it is better to exterminate them now than to wait for them to multiply like locusts. You have a gun with an unlimited number of shells, but it is better to achieve the goal with the minimum number of shots to earn more points. Take on the fly one-eyed monsters, and find a good angle of flight of the projectile. Using logic, overcome obstacles, passing levels with different difficulty.
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Exciting Paper Gun Games

On one piece of paper in a cell, something exciting, unusual, and fascinating unfolds. Just see how simple, schematic images come to life, filling events with meaning. Before you play the Paper Cannon, which add up to a series of amusing arcade gaming products.

A successful completion of the application of logic. In fact, the script is quite familiar to experienced players who have long settled in the virtual world.

  • We study the location of objects in space
  • Defining the goal
  • We find the perfect trajectory
  • Defend the object of pursuit with an accurate shot

We start the monster hunt

Paper Cannon games online According to the story you need to destroy all geeks that appear in the perimeter, and a paper cannon will help you. Paper is because it is drawn, however, like everything else. It all looks like a child, armed only with a ballpoint pen, drew a cannon on a leaf torn from a notebook in a box, a lot of ceilings, platforms, walls and mechanisms, and then placed there creatures. These creatures are clearly of extraterrestrial origin, and it gives out their unusual appearance. They are not similar to any creature from our planet: they have one eye, long ears or spikes, bright coloring and other unusual body structure details. Paper Cannon games online

It must be admitted that they look cute, even cute, and do not cause alarm. But do not be deceived by their external innocence, because they are making insidious plans to seize the Earth. If you allow them to breed, the alien population will become too large, and then nothing will crush it. While the situation is under control, open the Paper Cannon game, load the cannon with shells, and with targeted shots destroy the hostile small fry.

We take aim at the sight

The task is facilitated by the fact that the creatures do not even try to hide from you, but remain humbly waiting for you to spread them around the platform with an accurate shot. However, this simplicity is only apparent, and after the first levels with minimal complexity, you will begin to present these puzzles. To complete the mission, you have to think carefully about the task and get to the shelter of each monster.

Paper Cannon games online They have a lot of shelters from different blocks, walls and depressions. They erect barriers that are more and more thoughtful, complex, insurmountable. You have only a gun that can be tilted at different angles, so that you can use both direct hits and rebound to achieve the goal.

Games Paper Cannon, these are logical tasks based on shooting, which is especially pleasing to the boys, although the girls are not going to lag behind, showing enviable accuracy and effective solution of the tasks.

As already established, each successive series differs from the previous versions in some detail, keeping the main storyline whole. Moving on to the playgrounds, you will see new locations, a variety of characters, ways to solve the next puzzle.

Constructions can be fixed or mobile, and the number of elements does not necessarily indicate the complexity of the mission. Sometimes a minimum of objects can be arranged in such a way that the passage will take a lot of energy and brain torment, but the abundance of parts will not cause much trouble.

Let the games Paper guns do not differ in brightness, but the chosen technique of images makes them closer for perception, reminding us all the familiar paper entertainment. Even adults are happy to rest for the passage of such fun, nostalgic for the school years that have been irretrievably gone with all their concerns.

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