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Vortex Point games

Look for what to play for free? Love mystical or just strange stories? Then online Vortex Point games - what you need. This is a series of quests with a paranormal bias about the town of Vortex Point and its activists: Kevin, Craig and Caroline. They are investigating various incomprehensible events taking place for unknown reasons, which should be clarified. Sometimes this is really the result of otherworldly powers, but sometimes people want fame, and adjust the events to attract attention to themselves or vice versa - take him away from himself. What is going on around? There are many questions, and everything has to be found.
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Vortex Point games online Vortex Point games consist of eight parts plus an additional two stories called Junior. The plot unfolds around a young man named Kevin, he constantly finds himself in mysterious stories related to crimes. Kevin is a very sweet and inquisitive young man, and with the help of players he always manages to catch a criminal or expose a conspiracy. Vortex Point games online

All parts of the Vortex Point games are made in the genre of the quest. In them, users will get to know all the heroes of history, talk to them, and sometimes fulfill their requests or tasks. In gratitude they will certainly help with some subject or will prompt how to proceed.

Gloves like a lot of players, they are played with pleasure by children and adults. This genre perfectly develops mindfulness, logical thinking and memory. Having a nice time in front of the monitor you can not only relax and be distracted from everyday worries, but also to train the above mentioned skills.

All Vortex Point games are completely free, there is no way to buy a hint or to get the necessary item by spending real money. No version to download it is not necessary. They all start online right in the browser window, you just have to wait a couple of seconds until the game loads. There are no registration procedures, leaving personal data is not required.

Vortex Point games of Mystery is everywhere

Incoming to the first part of the Vortex Point games users have to find out a short story with what adventures began and get acquainted with the main characters. There are three characters in total, you can see them in each version:

  • Kevin young curious brunette with charming smile. His inquisitive mind always helps to get to the bottom of the truth;
  • Caroline is a young attractive brown-haired woman, she has been friends with the hero a long time ago and seems to be a little in love with him;
  • Greg is a little strange, thin young man with a small funny beard. He is fond of all paronormal, believes in ghosts and spirits, aliens and magic.

This trio is the heroes of all eight stories that have seen the light. Continuation with the prefix The younger tell about the adventures of the younger generation of detectives. Their similarities with their parents can not be overlooked.

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