Halloween games

Halloween games

Some traditions and celebrations, we have borrowed from the West, and Halloween is one of them. All Saints Day we now celebrate with enthusiasm, because it allows you to make a real carnival with costumes and traditional dishes. More of them will tell Halloween games online for free, in which we invite you to play all fans of horror stories. Cut pumpkins from the horrible faces, lanterns decorate the room, skulls, bats. Do not forget themed costume that is needed on this night.

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Scary Halloween fun

Halloween games Halloween – not a traditional holiday for us, we borrowed it from English-speaking countries. But thanks to its bright carnival trappings, he came to taste and now every year marks his mostly young people, thirsty vivid emotions.

Its roots go back to the old Scottish and Irish Celts, but he said on the eve of All Saints' Evenings – October 31. Historians tend to believe that Halloween originated from Samhain – Celtic holiday that suits for seven days after the end of the harvest.

Do not be afraid, it's just a Halloween games online

After the bloody action games nobody scared game about Halloween. Here, though wandering evil spirits, it can not cause real terror. Nobody is afraid of ghosts, skeletons, zombies, and vampires. These images have long been familiar to us, we know how to deal with them, and even try on the mask of the opening game online for free Halloween.

In order to hold Halloween by all the rules, we must prepare in advance.

  • Learning to carve out a face pumpkin.

At the largest pumpkin, place the contours of the future grin and eyes. Cut the cover to the spine at the top and clean the inside of the pumpkin. Then with a sharp knife make a slit to restore the contour, and finally – Put a candle inside.

  • Creating costumes.

Halloween games for kids are options along many heroes. Monster High characters feel particularly comfortable during this festival, and wardrobe by example how to be dressed representatives of different monsters. They are joined by Hazel, Barbie, Sofia and other characters.

  • Halloween games For special hairstyle and makeup.

The outfit will not be harmonious look, if you do not take care of the appropriate hair styling and make-up match. Open a virtual showroom, and change the appearance beyond recognition. Unsuccessful strokes easily change with new successful, so experiment without fear.

  • cook.

To make the dish unappetizing appearance, too, it appears, we must try. Everything has to look realistic, to get the desired effect. You can bake a delicious cake, but decorate it with cream-colored poisonous – green, red, purple. Top decompose spiders, bats. All of this is edible, as is made of sugar and glaze, but the view is pretty dumb.

  • Pass quests.

Most probably, scary halloween games online fall into this subheading. They sounded tense music, jump out of the darkness all sorts of horrors, heard muffled whispers, footsteps and noises. Heroes of the way through the grim Halloween games and explore the labyrinth of cellars cold locks. Their death traps, but they are required to carry out the mission, and you must be accompanied by the heroes to the end. And in order to defeat the witch, you have to manage for a while in her lab to prepare a magic potion.

The symbols of Halloween

The well-known pumpkin with a candle inside mug and called jack-o'-lantern. He found the familiar traits in 1837, and in 1866 finally became associated with Halloween. It is believed, if left on the threshold of the house, it will protect from evil spirits.

is clothed in a suit for this holiday invented in Scotland in 1895. Children wore masks and begged neighbors sweets and money. Until 2000, the suits longer frightened his gloom, but now it's bright colors and fun images.

As the prevalent sweet treats and popcorn, baked apples glazed dishes of pumpkin with honey, marshmallows, candy and cookies.

On Halloween accepted to arrange cheerful attractions with houses of ghosts, horror stories to tell, and to arrange divination.

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