Myosotis games

Myosotis games

Playing Miosotis games will be completely free and they run online, so that secrets are waiting for fans of the genre at any time. Here, players will meet with a wonderful detective and his beloved in trouble. Saving the lady Rick awaits many dangerous adventures. He will have to solve a large number of puzzles, solve complex puzzles and move step by step to the main secret - what is in the box, because of which his beloved got into trouble. All five chapters of the story, a single story, find out the final, which players can only by calling for help ingenuity and logical thinking.
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Mysterious games Miosotis

Secrets and riddles, mysticism and murders, here is a small list of what can be found while playing the games of Miosotis. Stories are built in the best traditions of detective novels. In these stories, players will take the side of a private detective. Rick worked for many years in the police, but in the end decided to log out and open a private practice. In many ways, his life has changed the lady of the heart, but you can’t easily dismiss the policeman’s skills, attention to detail and a penchant for solving puzzles cannot be left behind. Myosotis games online

Myosotis games created in the style of the quest. The first issue caused great interest among users and the authors continued their work. To date, five parts of a remarkable story about Detective Rick and his horrific adventures have come out. The detective is in love, his beloved name is Lily. It is because of her that he has to:

  • Walk around the city in search of evidence;
  • Visit strange places;
  • Find the corpses;
  • Solve many puzzles;
  • Investigate crimes.

Lili is constantly in trouble, she seems to be attracting them, but she always manages to get out of the water, a loving man is smart and strong, he can cope with problems and save a lady of the heart. Especially if the players themselves will help him.

V games Miosotis can be played for free, they have no chance to buy a tip for real money or advance through a wallet. Only a flexible mind and ingenuity will help the hero solve the crime. No part will have to download and download, they all run online in a couple of seconds after clicking the mouse on the icon with the desired version.

Mysing games Miosotis

Myosotis games online The beginning of the story introduces users to the mysterious man, he looks stylish, wears a long raincoat and a wide-brimmed hat. The hero wanders around the city in search of his beloved and stumbles upon a note designed exclusively for him. It says about a strange box, its contents are unknown, but it certainly represents great value. Lily writes that she regrets about the recent litter, and asks for help, since it was the secret of the box that brought her the main troubles and she was kidnapped. In this part of the game, Miosotis the hero is sent to rescue the girl, his intuition should not fail, the first secret will appear in a few blocks in the old hotel. Myosotis games online

Players need to be very careful, only the right decisions will enable the hero to go further and open all the doors before him. There is no turning back, only with the help of logic you will be able to advance further and save your beloved one.

The second chapter talks about the continuation of the story, and the following secret is hidden in it. Rick finds the corpse of his lover and meets a very strange doctor. He claims that Lily is dead, but still alive. Rick is sure that the doctor is crazy, but the detective's inquiring mind and love in his heart are pushing him forward to solve new mysteries. What is inside the box, what mystical artifacts are hidden under lock and key.

Myosotis games have a well-built plot, and each subsequent chapter continues the story. Finding out what Rick's adventures will end in, and whether Lily is still alive will be learned only by solving the puzzle for the puzzle, but the main intrigue remains the box, the players will find out all the answers after passing the fifth part.

Myosotis games that require good ingenuity and logical thinking, in each location you need to try different combinations, since the hints are not always visible at first glance. The style of graphic design is minimalistic, in black and white, players are required to notice all the details, even the smallest and seemingly inconspicuous, any trifle can be important.

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