Holly Hobbie games

Holly Hobbie games

Start playing free Holly Hobbie games online. Here you will meet a responsive girl who has many interests and friends. Going to a picnic, make lemonade, collecting more berries and fruits. You will need dishes and various snacks, and therefore collect all this in a basket. Of course, you want to look beautiful, and that means it's time to open the cabinets and find the right outfit to match. And so the boys do not interfere with Holly and her friends to enjoy a picnic, throw them with inflatable balls filled with water. Still collect glass snow balls and decorate the dollhouse.
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Holly Hobbie games for Girls

Holly Hobbie games online It is very pleasant to watch the girls play. They chirp, give a hundred ideas per minute, each trying to realize the idea that came to mind immediately. And the more girlfriends come together, the more interesting their game. They forget about the time, where they are, and what mother ordered to return home on time. They are so fascinated by spending time together that it is worth the hard work to get them back to unreality. Even computer gaming products that mimic the company of young women, are fun, exciting, exciting. An example are the Holly Hobbie games, which will be discussed.

Meet new girlfriends

Holly's main heroine is sweet and friendly with everyone, and therefore there are many friends near her. With them she realizes new projects, distributing roles, trying not to bypass anyone. To find out what interests her most, study the Holly section. Hobbies:

  • Culinary
  • Doll House
  • Creative
  • Dressing Equipment
  • On accuracy
  • Memory Cards

Once with her friends Holly decided to go into business selling cupcakes. It is very popular among young people to make homemade cakes, and to offer it to neighbors. But in order for the enterprise to become successful, it is necessary to exert maximum efforts, acting quickly.

Holly Hobbie games online According to the ribbon, different ingredients are floating, and you should have time to take the necessary ingredients so that they do not fall to the floor. Assembling cupcakes is fun and exciting, but you have to be careful not to confuse anything. See what should happen in the original, and choose exactly those products that are listed in the recipe.

Another time, many berries and fruits have to be collected for making lemonade. Then squeeze the juice out of them, and pour into glasses. This drink is very refreshing in the summer at a picnic, and therefore it should be made in sufficient quantity. Since we are talking about a picnic, let's help the heroine collect a basket with everything necessary. Food, dishes and other items fall from above, and you should catch all this. The number of objects is rapidly increasing, but try so that nothing falls to the ground. Just move the mouse around the playground, and the basket will follow.

Since all girls love surprises, our heroine is no exception. The plot of one Holly Hobbie games offers to help her arrange a surprise party. This means that no one should know about the intended enterprise. The girl needs to prepare, gathering in the yard and in the house everything that can be useful for the event, but so that nobody sees her doing this. Driving arrows, move along the paths, collecting items, avoiding meetings with friends and even your dog. Holly Hobbie games online

It is well known that boys love to tease girls. In the next story of Holly Hobbie, the heroine is forced to fight back Kyle and Robbie, fighting off them with balls of water. They hide behind trees and bushes, appearing unexpectedly. Be attentive and apt, repelling the attacks of the guys.

After training, you can go to the fair to knock out three cells with a pillow and win a prize. On the side of the panel are the outlines of the toys to be found, and for several rounds you will have to find them all. In the category with games for girls, just have to be dress up. Of course, you can find a beautiful outfit for Holly, trying to match all the details of the costume.

Turn on your imagination and imagine that you are going to surprise your friends in a new way. The heroine has many fashionable things, so you can change and combine parts for a long time and with pleasure. She also has a favorite dollhouse in which she loves to arrange furniture, and at her leisure collects snow glass balls.

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