Dolls games

Dolls games

Between us girls like to play with dolls even adults. Many collect collection Bratz, Barbie, Monster High characters. Because no wonder that free online games Dolls most popular among the players, girls. Communicating with virtual beauties, you can learn to cook meals at the same time, learn fashion trends, and even train the logic, observation, memory. There is always a lot of odevalok, the search for differences or pairs of cards, puzzles and coloring books, pyatnashek and quests to Action. Everywhere protagonists, this doll in all its splendor.

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Childhood – fairy tales, fantasy, amazing new discoveries, outdoor games, imaginary events, gifts and toys. Girls dolls are always something more than just another game. At various points it is a girlfriend or daughter. From her no secrets and mysteries, and there is no fear that she inadvertently spill the beans about the personal, intimate.

Dolls games online History dolls

people have learned to make dolls in ancient times. Once it was enough to fold the fabric in multiple layers, drag the rope and the child was playing with a new girlfriend. Improvisation suited for any items – straw, wood, clay, thread. Over time, the doll began to produce porcelain and plastic. And some religions make dolls out of wax, and give them magical powers, identifying with a particular person. Dear dolls began in the direction of art and they do not play and collect. They adorn the room with them, and is meticulous care. In museums we see a puppet of Representatives passed restoration and exposed to visitors, so that they saw with their own eyes what the puppets play their grandparents. So, out of the ordinary toy, they have become a historical relic and a great value, remember that children's fingers touching that which is no longer among us. Perhaps your family has an old doll with which your ancestors played in the female line, and if you ask parents, they will tell you a lot of interesting stories associated with it. In Soviet times, it was issued a lot of toys, but the naked dolls and dolls were virtually identical. Each apartment had a few such faceless plastic dolls, which differ only in color hair and size. Neizbalovannogo girls of that time and they were happy, but when there was Barbie, there was a real boom in the minds of babes. It was virtually a puppet revolution.

The modern dolls, the virtual

Dolls games online Now playing dolls acquired a new dimension, and even adults could not resist the temptation to hold her in his arms. There were collections where sultry blonde has performed in different roles:

  • The flight attendant;
  • The waitress;
  • astronaut;
  • Ballerina;
  • Business lady.

She appeared even fiance Ken, and can be purchased separately related products

  • clothes;
  • machines;
  • House;
  • Pieces of furniture.

Dolls games online A series of dolls Bratz and Moxie continued the tradition and got girlfriends, with whom ride the resorts, go on dates, discos, parties. The popularity of the dolls has increased, and they began to make films and cartoons, as well as to create games dolls. Now, in the virtual world chat with cute dolls became so familiar.

In the games of the doll is too hard

Playing in our toys, you get more opportunities to communicate with them, because they became almost animated.

  • They wardrobe full of trendy clothes and you gain access to it free of charge. Choose any of the costumes and accessories to spend hours experimenting with the look of one of the dolls.
  • If you want a house for Barbie? Why not build it yourself? PARTS architect and feel, think and plan the area to hold all you need.
  • When you are done, you can begin to design the room. Arrange the furniture on the perimeter, select the beautiful curtains, lamps, pictures and mirrors, put flowers on the windowsills, and do not forget the bright rugs on the floor.
  • Also, you can go to the factory and to collect dolls of the details of running the tape.
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