Peg+Cat games

Peg+Cat games

Playing free online Peg+Cat games is not just fun, but exciting learning. The world of mathematical examples and geometric shapes can be really entertaining, and you will not want to leave it. Stay a little longer with the girl Peg, her kitty, mumps and chickens, in order to learn useful knowledge with them. With the heroes, small players will build houses, cook, dance, feed and bathe animals, and perform many more actions, simultaneously solving tasks. Even drawing and dancing here are presented in such a way that they are closely related to the queen of all sciences - mathematics.
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Educational Peg+Cat games

Peg+Cat games online Imperceptibly computer gaming products have become parents irreplaceable assistants in the development of their children. There was a time when it was believed that they only harm the child, but now the situation has changed, and all thanks to such fun as the Peg+Cat games. Peg+Cat games online

As many other toys of the virtual world, these are created in the wake of the animated series. The main emphasis is placed on instilling a love of learning to the viewers, and in our case to little gamers. Having become acquainted with the heroes of the adventure, the children will be happy to begin performing tasks in mathematics and will want to learn how to read and write more quickly. It is much easier to memorize the names of objects and geometric shapes, to become more clever, smart and creative.

Amusements for the smallest

Peg+Cat games are designed for players who are 3-5 years old, and who readily comprehend this world, absorbing information from morning to evening. Of course, communication with the computer should be limited, but one cannot do without it.

All tasks are designed for fast passing, and there are several levels. In order to encourage kids to think, the new game stage is a bit more complicated than the one that was passed. And what a pleasure to create so many games that they will last for a long time. In addition, having passed them all, surely the players will want to start over again. This is also useful, because it is necessary to consolidate the material covered.

I return to the category, you will not miss updates that periodically appear. Staying with us, you are guaranteed new interesting fun with a developing effect. At the moment, you can explore the following genres:

  • Learn to dance
  • Gotovka
  • Logic
  • Racing
  • Risovalki
  • Dressing Equipment
  • Geometric figures
  • Adventure

When you communicate with the heroes of the Peg+Cat games girl and her boyfriend cat, you will see how they live on the farm. They have a pig that adores triangular forms, hundreds of hens and lambs. They are also often visited by the neighbor boy Ramon, who also loves mathematics very much. Together, they constantly invent entertainment related to the ability to add something, subtract or determine weight, shape and size.

Immersion in game process

Having familiarized with friends closer, you will become a part of their company, and do not want to part. Is it possible to leave such a fun farm, where every day there is so much fun? Just imagine how great it feels to be a builder and designer! Once a gang of antiheroes broke into the city and destroyed many buildings. Peg+Cat should help residents rebuild homes and shops. Take care of each building separately, collecting it from the individual parts. When everything is ready, the attackers will see that they have been outsmarted, and will leave the city. Peg+Cat games online

A girl loves math so much that she is ready to apply her everywhere, even when she feeds a cat. Each step is accompanied by a task in which it is necessary to count the number of objects by pressing the correct number in order to proceed to the next step.

You can try to draw a picture by inventing something of your own or repeating the suggested images. See what shape an invisible artist is painting on a nearby canvas, and try repeating. Nothing, if something went wrong, because the eraser can remove the failed part, and make a new attempt to perform the task correctly.

Next Peg and Cat Games offer players to explore the ratio of sizes. The girl decided to photograph the animals living on the farm, but found that they were dirty. Before a photo session they need to be washed, but each in its own pelvis, which will correspond to the size of animals.

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