Storks games

Storks games

After watching the full-length film on which free online games were created with storks, it’s nice to become a part of the story by joining the heroes in the virtual world. Here you can play by helping Buttercup build a helicopter to make it easier to deliver children to their parents. In the meantime, the steel bird in the design, help storks to do the work, dropping parcels in the right house. You will like to add puzzles and train your memory while searching for paired pictures. To strengthen attention, look for hidden numbers on the field or find small differences in the two illustrations.
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Storks games and what preceded them

In 2016, the American full-length cartoon appeared for viewing in the family circle "Storks. It filmed a long tradition of many children asking where they came from, and parents answering that a stork brought them. For a long time, this satisfied both parties, but in the modern world such fairy tales no longer work. Although the game storks and do not reveal the essence of the problem, but it makes an animated film. Storks games online

Short history about Storks games

Storks games online Events take place on the mountain of Storks, where for many centuries a factory has been operating, producing an unusual product of young children. After the address of the future parents was generated, the next pink-cheeked, plump and smiling baby was delivered via it. But one day a stork named Jasper damaged the address module, and could not deliver a pretty girl to the couple who dreamed of her so much.

The culprit failed to correct the mistake, and therefore left the little one to himself. From that moment, the crisis began, which was all aggravated. Soon, the stern Hunter was in the chair of the village chief, and he made a radical decision to stop his previous activities, fully engage in the production of children, and concentrate on the delivery of goods. In fact, the infant delivery service has become a regular office for the delivery of consumer goods. Only the girl left among the feathered friends reminded of the past. She was called Buttercup, and she lived in the family of storks for 18 years.

Hanter believed that she was hindering his business, and therefore, when she reached adulthood, he ordered his most responsible courier Junior to get rid of her. The young stork would be happy to serve, especially in dreams he sees himself as a boss, but the situation is complicated. Thinking over it, he temporarily hides the Buttercup in an abandoned letter section, but there the girl accidentally re-launches the children's factory, and a beautiful toddler appears.

Junior is terrified, but accidentally reads a message from a certain Nate Gardner, who asks for a brother. It remains only to transfer imperceptibly to the family of the created baby. The stork is working on the arisen problem together with Buttercup, only it is necessary to be in time by Monday. Such a funny story prompted storks to bring in children to create a game, and now you can communicate directly with the characters.

Beautiful Storks games

Opening the game about storks, you can play such directions:

  • Pazly
  • Memory Cards
  • Freaks
  • Flying players
  • Na Agility
  • Finding for numbers and differences

Storks games online Each gaming product has excellent graphics and is controlled very simply with a mouse or keys. If the sounds do not interfere with anyone to relax or engage, you can turn them on, and perform tasks for musical accompaniment. Storks of the game take place against the background of frames from the cartoon. At one of them, Neith, along with his parents, is driving in a car, and in the cabin are a few numbers that need to be collected. Armed with a magnifying glass, walk around in order to find items.

Finding the next number, click on it, and it will disappear with the sound of breaking glass. Still free games storks have prepared some beautiful puzzles. They also depict the heroes of history, and therefore it will be interesting to put together a complete picture from separate pieces. Together with the Buttercup to build a helicopter, collecting the necessary parts at the factory. See what tools and parts she needs, and collect on a running tape.

At another time, deliver the babies, hovering in the sky over the city. Try to avoid a collision with obstacles, and when you see the arrow above the house, throw a long-awaited package there. In addition, you are waiting for scenes with memory cards and the search for differences.

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