Helicopter games

Helicopter games

Helicopters compared with dragonflies. They really are like those winged insects, and therefore seem to live a little. Unfortunately, flying to them who were lucky enough, but there are no restrictions to play free online games Helicopters. With their help you fight, carry loads, to extinguish the raging fires, rescue people from the disaster area. This transport is the only one that will bring troops into the jungle or to raise and make the wounded. During gameplay, you will learn about the different brands of helicopters and their mission, and even themselves will manage them.

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Helicopters online games without limitation

Helicopter games for boys Few people succeeded in life is to know the thrill of flying in a helicopter, but helicopters online games will fill this gap. Let the experience can not be considered to be equivalent, but you yourself will become a pilot in the iron dragonfly. These flying machines with rotating blades rise into the air, where they perform important tasks – carry loads and participate in rescue operations. Helicopters can be divided according to purpose:

  • Passenger
  • Multi-purpose
  • Transport
  • Agricultural
  • Search and rescue
  • Helicopters cranes

Each type of helicopter has its own characteristics, and they are all presented at our site. Flights on our "bird" let you indulge in fantasies when you're in the thick of the war, fire, or in everyday life.

Game stories about helicopters

Helicopter games for boys Of course, the boys immediately experience a military theme games for free helicopters, and we are well aware of such a rush. Let the helicopter does not have the speed of the aircraft, but it makes him a hero, if it is allowed to say in regard to technology.

Lacking sufficient maneuverability, armor and lethal force helicopters are among the military equipment and are actively fighting in the occupied territory. Heli has to be a real man daring to stick their noses into the inferno when rushing around jets, releasing a self-guided missiles. But our helicopter safely move to the goal, in order to lose a bundle of bombs on residential facility or take out the wounded.

Piloting a helicopter, you will find yourself in places and disasters – fires, floods, volcanic eruption. You urgently need to evacuate people and equipment from the site of the tragedy, raising them on platforms and catching hook. Get down below to pick up the object, and then rises quickly, while you are not faced a wave of fire or water.

Construction – Another point where the assistance is required. Heavy blocks and logs can be delivered into the jungle or to the island only by helicopter. Together with the other aircraft you will carry out tasks for the delivery of materials and equipment needed for the construction of bridges, buildings, oil rigs, statues.

In some countries and helicopters serve as an ambulance. For them, on the roof of skyscrapers are building a special site for the landing. This allows you to avoid traffic jams in the event of an emergency, requiring immediate hospitalization or fast delivery Helicopter games for boys of donor organs and a rare blood group.

Fire helicopters sprayed powder extinguishing the flame, making it easier for ground firefighters. In agriculture, the helicopter spray fertilizer on the crop. Also use it to search works when you have to find a place or a group of people got lost in the sea, forest or desert.

All the games for boys helicopters carry their meaning, require skill and concentration. Among the tasks will be those that must be delivered to the place of the parachutist jump. On your ability to focus on instruments and hover over the right place depends on the success of the mission.

The fascinating prehistory of helicopters

The first mention of structures resembling the helicopter belong to the year 400. In China, the toy appeared identical actions helicopter rotor – at the end of a stick fastened feathers, then untwisted the stick in his hands and quickly let go. Pen spinning propeller, holding a toy in the air for a short time. Among the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci's drawings of aircraft encountered with the operation of helicopters.

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