Hello neighbor games

Hello neighbor games

Get comfortable, stock up on a good mood, because now you have to play free online games Hi neighbor. These are fun adventures telling about people living in the opposite houses. One neighbor is closed, unsociable, the second is too curious and arrogant. And this is a curious insolent constantly trying to get into the house of the first, in order to unravel his mystery associated with the basement. Passing the quest, collect items, find the keys, open the doors, explore the room. If a neighbor sees you, throws you out of the house, so be careful not to fall into the traps.
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Games Hi neighbor for the most curious

Hello neighbor games online If you do not live in a dense forest, you must have neighbors. It is good if these are wonderful people with whom it is pleasant not only to say hello and go further, but also to exchange a few words. But increasingly, neighbors do not want to communicate, especially in cities. You can live on the same staircase for life, and not all know in person. This is the scourge of the modern world, where everyone has a whole world in a smartphone and not a single loved one near by. Hello neighbor games online

However, there are people with whom no one wants to communicate because of their particular nature. Yes, and unsociable subjects missing, who also dream, so that everyone forgot about them, and did not climb into the affairs of others. This situation is just developing in the plot of the online game Hi neighbor.

These fun games have already been created quite a lot, and each series tells its own story.

History of two neighbors

Lived-there were two people, between the houses of which lay the road. It was a kind of dividing line, as if telling a border not to cross.

One of the heroes loved training, and watching TV, and he rarely left his home and spoke with anyone. Because of his unsociation, coldness and secrecy, he aroused great suspicions among neighbors, especially the fact that he lived opposite. Everyone had their own opinion of what a person was in a neighboring yard, but only one decided to get to the bottom of the truth.

By starting a Hi neighbor play online, you turn into the very annoying guy who constantly sniffs out something, sticks with questions and always spies on others. Of course, this does not paint the good Samaritan, but sometimes there is simply no other way out. Actually, in each regular game you become a character that tries to penetrate into the house of a neighbor.

  • Collect items
  • Pick keys and tools for opening locks
  • Avoid collisions with the host
  • Pump into basement
  • Get the Secret

Be assertive, but secretive

Hello neighbor games online The main character constantly dreaming conspiracies. He all the time suspects that a neighbor is holding someone or something in his basement. It seems to him that in the underground there are aliens, and on another occasion he imagined that children are languishing there, who must be saved.

Very interesting in Hi neighbor play for free, resembling quests and trying to get into the house unnoticed. If the owner sees you, he will immediately throw him out into the street, threatening with reprisals. True, it does not come to self-harm, so you have nothing to fear. But all the same it is unpleasant when they look at you like a bulldog at a naughty cat.

For your goal, you can resort to any tricks. Lure the neighbor into the street, steal the key from him, get into the barn and pick up tools to break the crowbar’s locks. Climb into his window, penetrate through the door, but beware of traps. This sly fellow knows about your intention, and everywhere has set traps. If you hurry, it is easy to please in one of them.

Game Hi Neighbor 4 is one of a series where events unfold in a similar way. We must figure out how to get into the house, passing the owner. At first glance, the building seems impregnable, but a loophole is sure to be found. Try to use all the active objects, and find something.

The longer you spend your time in the plot of the game Hi neighbor is free, the more things you collect, and each will be required in a certain situation. For example, a flashlight will illuminate a dark room, binoculars will allow you to see what is happening in the distance and assess the situation.

Using logic, you can go through all the games to the end, having learned a terrible secret, which is so carefully hidden from all people living opposite.

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