5 nights with Freddie

5 nights with Freddie

Kto loves witty games, so terrible, be happy with the opportunity to play online games for 5 nights with Freddie for free. Together with the other animatronics: chicken Chikoy, Foxy fox, rabbit Bonnie, Freddie Bear hunts Mike Schmidt of the new night watchman pizzeria. Creepy dolls really want to make it part of his brethren, even despite the fact that Mike was a living person. You will be more game-series, and each time the manifest horrors of horror. Watch out for the cells and rooms save electricity, because if it goes out, Freddy will come on you the melodious sounds of a lullaby song.

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Zhutkie history of the game 5 nights Freddi

5 nights with Freddy games Redko popping game that can really make a splash. Sometimes a great idea is not living up to expectations, but the"pearl"of the virtual space even born. In 2014, Coughton programmer Scott has created a unique animated game in the style of survival horror (to survive the nightmare). Games 5 nights with Freddie are available for free and are indie games, where development and product launch fully lie on the shoulders of the developer or a small group.

Toy has been preliminarily reviewed and approved for dissemination was, and now it can be played on mobile, tablet and computer.

As befits the horror in it there is a constant voltage which gradually increases, suggesting that danger lurks around every corner, in every drop shadow.

Syuzhetnaya outline playing protsessa

Mayk Schmidt finally found a job as a night watchman in a cafe and pizzeria. Nothing special, but he soon realized that this place was something terrible and mysterious. You will be playing 5 nights to play with Freddie on his behalf, defending all the means of the institution and hiding from the animatronics. Mike starts to get from the former employee's voice warning him to be extremely cautious. Previously served animatronics visitors, but one day one caused a serious head injury the child, and this case was"Sting 87"code. Now, they are prohibited from appearing in the afternoon, however, if a long time to keep animatronics disabled, their servo drives are blocked, so they are allowed to wander around the room during the night.

5 nights with Freddy games Byvshy watchman warns about the threat of seeing the other person, the robot decides that this endoskeleton that is unfinished toy, and try to fix it, having pushed to suit the skin of Freddy Bear.

One of the cameras shows a note in the newspaper, where witnesses say that a man, wearing a suit of the Golden Freddy killed five children, and still complain that the animatronics look suspicious with the muzzle stained with blood and terrible smell.

In order to survive, Mike must hold from 12 to 6 in the morning and that on the real-time fit in 8-10 minutes. The main character can not move through the area, and oversees the setting of the enclosed space through the video camera. Sometimes he turns on the light to make sure that none of the animatronic not approaching it. Batteries at the limit, and energy should be spent sparingly. If it runs out, the light goes out, and the equipment will not work. At the time, including standby power, and to the accompaniment of lullaby music will be Freddie, and when the melody is over, it goes out and lights, then bear attack Mike, killing him.

Heroes animatronics

5 nights with Freddy games play all of the unusual toys and enjoy the fear. Each part of the space expands and introduces new characters. The first starting out, but bear gameplay Freddy 2 requires focus, not to miss the killer and track the camera. Further more, and when the turn of a new test, the game Bear 5 Freddy has not stinted on the secrets, traps and dangers.

you pursue:

  • Bonni rabbit feoletovogo blue color with a guitar and a red butterfly;
  • Chika yellow chicken in a bib that says"Let's eat! ";
  • Foksi red fox with a sash over his eye and a hook instead of legs;
  • Freddi brown bear with a microphone;
  • Zolotoy Freddie yellow bear, which appears on the screen.

Walk of Game 5 nights with Freddie, if such brave!

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