Thomas and friends games

Thomas and friends games

Children are invited to play free online Thomas and friends games. You will get acquainted with the main character and his friends. They love to travel around the countries where they get into different adventures. Sometimes Thomas undertakes to carry out responsible orders for the carriage of goods, and it is important not to lose goods on a winding path. Your favorite coloring pages and puzzles are also present, so that you can satisfy the craving for beauty and develop logic. Also, make sure that the heroes do not get into an accident while they are rolling on the railway. All these are fun and useful activities for your leisure.
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Thomas and friends games: The Adventures of Friends

 Thomas and friends games online Today, children can play the Thomas and friends games, which were created on the same animated series. Unlike other cinematographic and computer products, it has a long and moving history.

Just imagine how far we are from 1943. But it was then that for the first time hand-drawn, attractive hand-drawn trains appeared. Wilber Audrey invented them when his son fell ill with measles. To brighten up the hard days of his son, the pope composes amazing stories for him with the participation of locomotives.

As you know, children adore fairy tales, and all the time they are asked to continue, again and again. Wilbur had to come up with a lot of stories, and revive their sketches. For the entire period of the disease, and even after it, a rather large pile of drawings has accumulated, so there was enough for a whole book. Later, the film studio became interested in his work, and director Britt Alkroft bought from the author the right to film adaptation in order to introduce the children of Great Britain to Thomas and his company of friends in 1984.

All 11 locomotives:

  • Day
  • Genry
  • Tobi
  • Emily

They differ in color, character and facial expression.

  • Thomas
  • Daisy
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Edward
  • Diesel
  • Persi
  • Having spent a little time in their company, you can easily distinguish between them. As in any group, they happen every thing. Although they have been friends for a long time, and it's impossible to quarrel, but sometimes there are small disagreements. But mostly they have fun and travel, which is what Steam Engine Thomas says.

It's time to go

 Thomas and friends games online Each character in this story is alive. In addition to locomotives, it is possible to find a toiler of a high-rise crane lifting loads to a height. He repeatedly rescued the main characters, and you yourself have to make sure of it.

Little helicopters are also focused on their duties, however, like everyone else. Since the locomotives are constantly exploring new lands, they have to get acquainted with different machines and even people. Not all at once it is possible to establish friendly contact, and some and remain hostile. But it's nothing, because nice dating is still more, so bravely open the Thomas and friends games.

You are waiting for a lot of exciting activities:

Once, Thomas took up a very responsible business to bring juicy fruit to his friends.

  • Tinting
  • Rims
  • Looking Times
  • Trees
  • Delivery
  • Notes

Previously, many tried to perform this task, but they did not work, because the road is a winding and hilly. Having loaded full wagons of succulent vitamins, Thomas must overcome this difficult path without losing the provisions. Act quickly, but carefully, and then everything will turn out. We are confident that you will help a friend fulfill a mission.

 Thomas and friends games online After the successful completion of the case, do not relax, because there are still a lot of plot of the Thomas and friends games. For example, no less important task is to repair the rails our friends go by. Sometimes they are so keen on skating that they do not have time to slow down in front of a dangerous site. You also need to prevent an accident, and in time to fix all the problems on the iron canvas, and also send the trains in a safe direction.

Together with the main hero of the Thomas and friends games, you will go for the treasures of Egypt. He bravely and staunchly endures the heat of the desert sands, collecting coins. Help him not to fall into the trap and not lose the collected jewelry.

Will be a participant in many more events, participate in races, paint trains in their favorite colors, collect mosaic puzzles and become a traveler in different countries. It's time to go, gaily knocking wheels on rails!

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