Shake It Up games

Shake It Up games

Well, when there are such online games Shake It Up, which you can play for free. You will get to know Sisi and her friend Rocky. These girls are 13 years old, they participate in the dance show and are already making great strides. But to combine school, dance class and find time for other hobbies is very difficult, and therefore they need your help. They will be happy if you do not refuse to pick up a beautiful outfit for the next performance, meeting or playing sports. Experiments with make-up are also important, and very exciting. With them you will learn to dance and overcome troubles.
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Games Shake It Up in the footsteps of the series

Shake It Up games online There are always a lot of magic and musical themes on the Disney studio. Once again, the youth series in the genre of sitcom inspired the developers to create the same name games Shake It Up.

Name eloquently states what will be discussed, - of course, about children who want, love and know how to dance. There is no child who does not dance when he is in a good mood, does not go to discos and does not copy popular performers in front of a mirror alone.

If for all this is a natural behavior during the growing up period, for others the dance becomes the meaning of life. Feeling and in yourself the potential, open the games Shake It Up, and together with the characters learn different directions and movements. But first let's get acquainted with the heroes of history, in order to play was even more interesting.

  • Sisi real name Cecilia Jones. She is 13 years old, and she is a participant of the show"Dance fever". This red-haired, cheerful and eccentric girl is easy to distinguish in the crowd. She adores fashionable dressing and adventure, which often gets into stressful situations, at the same time drawing in her friend Rocky.
  • Rocky's full name is Roquel Oprah Blue. She is the same year as Sisi, but unlike her friend, who does not like to study, is an excellent pupil, she has an exemplary behavior and impeccable attendance. She also dances in the show and dresses nicely. Together with her friend, Gunter and Tinka can not stand, although with the latter both girls will later share.
  • Flin Jones younger brother Sisi, also showing a talent for dancing, does not like school and is friends with an excellent student.
  • Tai Blue is the older brother of Rocky. Excellent dancing, but dreams of becoming a rapper.
  • Dius Martinos is friends with Rocky and Sisi. He is engaged in illegal trade and often gets into trouble.
  • Gunther and Tinka brother and sister, warring with Rocky and Sisi. Both have a strange accent and ridiculously dress up.

Time of games is

This happens in the cinematic version, as a rule, only slightly affects the virtual products, but because the games Shake It Up, these are completely independent projects. Among them you will see such directions:

  • Makeup
  • Dressing rooms
  • Dancers
  • Broids

Shake It Up games online Shake It Up games online The adventure time awaits you, but you have to carefully prepare for them. Girls scrupulously follow their appearance, and pay much attention to makeup. Here it is important to achieve naturalness without overdoing it with colors. To practice, open the appropriate games Shake It Up, and help Sisi and Rocky emphasize their beauty. This will be a great lesson for make-up, for surely in your cosmetic bag there are lipsticks, glitters, pencils, ink, blush and other useful things.

Now, you can go to the contest in Mexico, but on the way heroines are obstructed. It seems that the higher forces decided to prevent them from getting on the plane on time, and fix the barriers. Girls attack animals, and on the road grow strange designs that can only jump over. The main thing in a hurry is not to stumble, but to do everything quickly and correctly. Remember that the aircraft will not wait, and if you hesitate, fly away without you.

On the place, early relax, because there is still a choice of clothes. And again, the Shake It Up games will come to the rescue, helping to pick up from the pile details of the wardrobe that is ideal for the upcoming event. Girls will perform on stage or walk around the city, and for this they need different suits. Think about what will be more convenient for them, and also what they will look stunning, and get down to work, boldly changing the elements of clothing and accessories.

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