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Jessie games

Girls will like to play Jessie online games for free, because the main character will be an excellent example to follow. She flew to New York from Texas to start a new life. Having settled in the Ross family as a nanny for children, she later received an offer to work on TV. But this later, and while with Jesse to fly a helicopter, take a test of knowledge of the series and the English language. You will be responsible for responsible work on the management of the hotel and the domestic pet lizard, which should not get under the feet of the girl and collect bonuses. Having finished with this, lay out the clothes of the heroine in the closet.
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Jessie games online Fine traditions must be observed, but because Jessie online games continue the idea of ​​creating computer games based on serials. In this case, the basis was a wonderful youth sitcom. He talks about the fact that dreams come true, if not only to dream, but also to act actively.

The serial of the series and the games Jessie the fashionista came from Texas to the bustling and diverse New York City to become an actress. But we need to start small, but because she decided to approach the case with a"back door". Get a nanny into the Ross family, where the father is a famous director, and mom is a super model, it was an excellent move.

Now, the girl takes care of the quadruple of children who are not of the same kind, having not only different characters, but also ethnic roots. Imperceptibly she turns into their best friend, and since the parents are never at home, then the family.

Together they have fun, learn, solve problems, support each other, and this does not go unnoticed by adults. The series ends when mom's kids help the heroine get a role on television, which is why her nanny career ends.

About the heroes of history

Free games clever Jessie continue to develop the topic in their own manner, but at the beginning I want to introduce all the participants.

  • Djessie by the name of Prescott is the main person around whom the events unfold. Hardly having waited for the 18th anniversary, she comes to New York, trying to grab a bird of luck for the tail. Once she almost got married, but at the last moment the guy refused, and this is for the best.
  • Emma is the only daughter of her parents, Christina and Morgan. He likes to dress stylishly and always be the best.
  • Luke adopted son from Detroit, adores to dance.
  • Ravy is another Ross adopted by a boy. He comes from India, which makes some children laugh at him, and the girl was ashamed to meet him. He dreams of fully integrating into American culture.
  • Drown a black-skinned girl from Uganda. At one time had an imaginary girlfriend a mermaid, but then she said that she died, which made Jesse worry about her mental health.
  • Bertram butler of the Ross family. Keeps the exterior cool, but the warmth applies to all family members and to Jesse.

Receive to play

It's time to see what the rubric has prepared for you, and what is in Jessie games to play for free.

  • Test
  • Management of the hotel
  • Letki
  • Mod
  • On the reaction

Jessie games online As the show is quite young, and on our expanses has gained fame relatively recently, online games of Disney Jessie can not boast of a large collection. But they represent those directions that players especially like, and therefore you will definitely like communication with the heroine.

You can check how well developed your reaction is by performing a simple task. On the screen are the characters of the series, and you have to click on those who are circled around the yellow circle in order to earn games eyes. If you accidentally click on the faces in the red circle, these glasses are removed. As you can see, everything is clear, but the actions take place quickly, and it's important not to be mistaken in the pursuit of the result.

It's also a great way to tighten your English language skills or to check how much you know it. During the test you are asked questions, and you must choose the right answers. So you show how well familiar with the sitcom and know the language.

There is Jessie to manage the hotel. She receives guests, arranges flowers in their rooms and brings breakfast, cleaning and many other things. Another time, you have to fly with her on a helicopter, collecting balls, and also help her to put things into a closet.

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