Game Jessie's Stylish Real Haircuts online

Game Jessie's Stylish Real Haircuts

Jessie's Stylish Real Haircuts

Jesse is not afraid to take risks, it is professionally engaged in sports climbing in the mountains and recently received an offer to go to the next campaign. The girl luxurious thick hair and long before the expedition she decided to slightly shorten the mane and a haircut. For this character came to your beauty salon in the game Jessie's Stylish Real Haircuts. Take the visitor who is not afraid to experiment on their appearance. Wash your hair and dry them, and then proceed to paint, you can paint the client's head in any color of paint are on the right shelf. Take the scissors and make a cut model, if need be, use a typewriter. Cropped hair can be straightened or make wavy curls with the help of special tools. Our hair salon in the game Jessie's Stylish Real Haircuts different from similar establishments in the real world, one important nuance. You have a bottle with a magic elixir. Suffice it to drip on your head and the hair will grow instantly, so you can not be afraid to wield a pair of scissors. If inadvertently sostrizhёte superfluous, always possible to correct the situation, using the magic solution. In Jessie's Stylish Real Haircuts game you will have the opportunity to show the talents of hairdresser and a wide field for the imagination. Elegant colorful and a clear timetable will create a full feeling that you really are running a barber. You will need agility in possession of the tools, it is possible from the first time did not do it.
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