Welcome to the Wayne Games

Welcome to the Wayne Games

Love puzzles and know how to solve them? Then play free online games Wayne you enjoy. Ten-year-old boys Ency, Ollie, and a young girl from Sarahline in New York live in a very strange house where something happens all the time. And when they decided to understand the reason for what was happening, ninjas and other dangerous subjects began attacking them. Even pigeons can not be trusted, because it may well turn out that this is a spy robot armed with modern laser weapons. During the game, you can collect colorful puzzles, train your memory or investigate the disappearance of property of skyscraper residents.
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Games Welcome to the Wayne about the mysterious and incomprehensible

Welcome to the Wayne Games Welcome to the Wayne Games 2014 In the light came a comedic, adventure animated series about two guys who decided that in the house where they live, not everything is clean. This spurred a lively teenage imagination, and now behind every corner it seems like mystery. But maybe this is not the invention of ten-year-old boys, and something really incomprehensible is happening in the house? Games Wayne help to figure it out.
In Russian, the cartoon came out a year later, that is, in 2015. and if you haven't seen it yet, you should fill the gap.

Heroes and Events

PORSE life changes abruptly, and its usual, measured pace suddenly gets lost, accelerates, becomes uncontrollable. Well, how could Ency think that something special would happen to him when he arrived in New York? But it so happened that his family settled in a strange house called "Wayne." Unlike other houses, he seemed to come from the Middle Ages, so unusual was its design.
Ency's friends have not had time to acquire, although school work has already begun. But one day after class, he met Olly Timbers. The red-haired guy, as it turned out, lived in the same house for a long time, and therefore he knew a lot about the strange skyscraper.
After speaking, Olli managed to draw a new friend into his adventures of exploring the mysteries that are happening under the roof of the dwelling. Now they are a team, and together they will be able to solve much more problems and uncover old secrets associated with this place.
Ency also got acquainted with his sister Ollie, who was not the same age as smart Saraline. Together they had the opportunity to pursue a robotic pigeon armed with powerful laser weapons. Once on their way crazy Hawaiians appeared, and on another occasion dangerous spies, and the boys had no choice but to flee. However, this is only a small part of what has fallen to the lot of young adventurers, and more will tell our games Wayne.

Virtual Adventures

Having appeared in a game heading, choose what you first want to do:

  • Feel like a bold detective
  • Take part in a quiz
  • Collect puzzle
  • Prompt the memory

As you can see, Wayne games offer only popular ways to spend time enjoying your favorite activity.

Welcome to the Wayne Games Welcome to the Wayne Games All the plots are based on the fact that strange things are happening around the characters. Once the neighbors decided that the ghost of the thief started up in the house, since various things began to disappear. Naturally, it was decided to unravel the case by Ency, Ollie, and Saraline. As it turned out, kleptomania suffered the pet of one of the tenants, but until the moment when it becomes clear, there is a difficult way for the detective.
You should find all the items that appear in the tape below the game screen. Although they are signed in English, it is very easy to navigate through the images.
More games Wayne help strengthen the visual memory, which is so important for trackers. This will help the special cards, which feature the settlers at home. Cards have a pair, but they need to find, turning and memorizing each. As soon as the pair is found, it will cease to participate in the further game. The goal is to find all the same pictures.
Puzzles love everything, because we have some great options. Also, the Wayne games will help you to understand how well you are familiar with the plot of the animated series. For this you have to pass a test, where each question concerns the knowledge of the plot. For example: what color are the gas characters found, what room is called "Stanz" or where is the entrance to the Wayne library? There are 10 such questions, and if you miss with the correct option, it will be colored with red illumination, however, you will still be allowed to continue.

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