Power Rangers games

Power Rangers games

Online Game Power Rangers Samurai is something fantastic. The dynamics of events in your power, and the sooner you will be able to work, the elusive will be your hero. These samurai are not afraid of enemies, even if they are the real monsters. FREE switched on and starting to play, you play as one of the Rangers and make sure the potential inherent in it. If necessary, he will fly to the clouds, driving wind, outwit anyone. Only he is capable to attack the enemy, which is superior to its size and strength, you can always find the weaknesses and work on it.

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Action games and arcade collection assembled in the Rangers game for those who are not averse to war in space and on the ground

Games Power Rangers Samurai: the heroes of the last century

Power Rangers games The real heroes never get old, and that participants in the events of the game Power Rangers Samurai started on the series 80's, it is still in a wonderful way. They are all the same courageous, agile, quick, like decades ago. Perhaps their excellent form explains the relentless fight against evil, which periodically appear in our world. As long as there is a danger, the Rangers will not rest and retire, they will not soon go away.

Events are developing in Japan, where the main villain is particularly actively managed monsters - naylokami. Rangers have to keep track of the centers of their actions and to direct all efforts to suppress. In the series for several seasons, and at the end of each Sanjuro Rangers defeat the main villain, but with the advent of the new it back in service, all tied again.

Be one of the Six Samurai

The main strength of the Rangers – Six Samurai, dressed in costumes of different colors. Each toy focus on one of them, but they can speak and command. The main character wears red vestments, and therefore more likely to appear in the stories.


  • Power Rangers games Jaden Shiba – Red Ranger. He have a sense of responsibility, but because of its stealth once he was deprived of his teammates leadership status. Lauren came to the rescue – his sister, who helped restore the primacy and again become red ranger.
  • Lauren Shiba – older sister Jade. Initially, she was red ranger, but decided that Jaden will cope with this role better, and gave him the post of leader.
  • Kevin Douglas – Blue Ranger. For him the important discipline and order. Responsible attitude to training and prefers to wake up the first, and the last to go to bed to rest.  
  • Watanabe Mia – Pink Ranger girl. Her passion – cooking, and she gladly prepare for the team, but leaves her disgusting and friends throw her secret concoction, saying nothing, Mia, not to offend. She also sings beautifully and very kind nature.
  • Mike Fernandez – Green Ranger. It is easily recognized by cheerful, lively character, he is very serious concerns to the training sessions.
  • Stewart Emily – Yellow Ranger. She is charming and lovely, perfectly playing the flute. It took place in the team's older sister – Sirens, whose intended role and yellow ranger, but due to illness she had to give up the role of Emily.
  • Antonio Garcia – Gold Ranger. He loves to sing and fishing, as well as he is the best friend of Jaden – Red Ranger.

start to save the world

Power Rangers games Opening the Rangers game, you go on a fantastic adventure full of spectacular battles and battles. You will visit the complex situations, battle with space aliens, save the underwater city of monsters, until they broke through its protective dome.

In each mission challenges, and there is always a risk to life. One false step will lead to the destruction and loss, and then the evil will triumph. Fully trusting the six rangers themselves also actively engage in the fight against the aggressor. Use the talents of heroes, directing them to achieve victory in any situation. You can help zordy – powerful robots controlled by samurai. Choose the right color machine, and save the inhabitants of the glorious city from evil monsters.

Games offer many trials by fire, water, and sword. You will firestorm, space robots, underwater monsters, and even the effects of Halloween, when after a holiday, not all the spirits have calmed down. Play for free, win gamble!