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Woozle Goozle games

During the online game Woozle Goozle you will meet an unusual mouse blue color. He is the host of the program for children, in which, together with a friend, he talks about many fascinating things from different fields of science. He also decided to invite you to play with him for free. First you have to build a super car, and then go on it for real adventures. The most important thing is to correctly assemble the structure, otherwise the car will not go anywhere. But remember that you can get to the next corner of the world only on the right machine, and new tasks begin on the spot.
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Games Woozle Goozle: a funny little mouse

Woozle Goozle games We are often shown foreign films, cartoons or programs, and among them there are quite a few that are intended for a children's audience. Now we will spend time on one cognitive show, one of the leading of which is a little mouse named Vuzl Guzl. It was he who became the main character of the Woozle Goozle game, which the rubric is devoted to.

The mentioned program goes on German television, telling children about a lot of fascinating things. In an entertaining way, peresypaya plot jokes, the two leading tell interesting facts about everything. Each series is devoted to a specific theme: history, geography, the animal world, exact sciences, astronomy, and so on.

Mouse Vuzl, this is not an ordinary rodent, but a real showman. His coat is blue and he is very inquisitive. Every time, filming with a partner in the next episode, he has many questions about a new topic. Responding to them, his friend simultaneously covers the topic for the children who are at the screens.

Looks pretty ridiculous shooting, because for the color and visibility of the mouse sometimes dresses up in costumes. Once he appeared before the audience in the image of Pharaoh, another time he was attracted by the knightly period, and therefore his outfit was from the Middle Ages, when the ladies wore magnificent dresses, and the men were knights in steel armor.

Talking about a show is not as interesting as watching it yourself. So you will get acquainted with the main character of our game Woozle Goozle, and love it even more. And now it's time to see what he prepared for gamers and take part in his venture.

Woods Guzl builds a car

Germany is a big and beautiful country, and our hero loves her very much. And in order to know her better, he decided to go on a trip. Thinking over the different options, he decided to go on a voyage by car. But he does not have a car, but to buy it, you need money. Since Vuzl did not have enough money for expensive purchases, he decided to build a vehicle himself.

Woozle Goozle games Woozle Goozle games Although he is an independent mouse, help will not hurt him, so get ready to master the plot of the game Woozle Goozle. This is a very exciting experience, because the hero's garage has all the necessary details. The only thing he can not decide what appearance to give his steel horse.
Let's see what the snag is. It turns out that all the components he has are of a different type:

  • Wheels
  • Body and frame
  • Front and back of the car

Each element is presented in four options in case the mouse wants to wander the expanses of water, through the desert or a smooth road.
To view and select the desired option, on the bottom panel, examine the range of spare parts. Click on the wheels and see two types of tires for a smooth and off-road road, as well as skis and an air cushion. Do the same with other elements until you have decided on everything completely. If at a certain stage you decide to remake something, you can always open the necessary tab and change the part.

Details must be installed in accordance with the upcoming journey, and if something in the design is wrong, Wuzl will not be able to wash away. If everything is in place, as soon as you turn the key in the ignition, you can hit the road.

The plot of the game Woozle Goozle will send you to different parts of the world. For example, first you will fall into the tropics, where you need to collect the right amount of coconuts, cutting the rope on which they hold. Further, overcoming obstacles in the air, they fall into the juicer. But this is only the beginning of the adventure. There is still a lot of fun events of the game Woozle Goozle.

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