Beauty and the Beast Games

Beauty and the Beast Games

Games Beauty and the Beast in their own way develop the story of Princess Belle. She managed to fall in love with the monster, having discerned behind the bestial appearance the good heart of the handsome prince. There were a lot of difficulties on the way of their happiness, but they were all successfully overcome. In the games you will see the characters in different guises. Pick them outfits, learn new dances, heal wounds, care for pets, clean the castle, celebrate holidays. There are classic directions here - coloring and puzzles for lovers of logic and creativity. If you prefer more dynamic scenes, take control of the carriage.
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Games Beauty and the Beast magic story

Who doesn't know about the beautiful and kind girl Belle? Only a kind and tender heart could discern behind the skin of a monster the romantic soul of a prince bewitched by an evil witch. This tale is found in different variations, but most often it is published in the collection of works by Charles Perrault. For her motives, they repeatedly shot cartoons, full-length films, put on musicals, operas and operettas. One of the most well-known versions of the film adaptation is the charming cartoon Scarlet Flower, created in 1952. A game Beauty and the Beast is one of the links in the modern interpretation of the plot.

Good always wins

As in all the old fairy tales, in the story about Belle there is a moral to be afraid of, not external ugliness, but internal. Remember the girls sisters? Although they were not bad, they only dreamed of wealth, they were spoiled and envious. It was they who deceived Belle at home when the beast released her to stay with her relatives for a week.

Having seen what beautiful dresses the younger sister came in, the elders envied and wanted the monster to get angry and eat it for being late. However, on the contrary, the prince in the skin of a wild animal almost died of depression, but Belle managed to return in time to shed a tear over him and confess his love.

Thanks to this, the charms of the cunning witch were dispelled, and the heroine saw before her a beautiful young man. From now on, they were always together, lived happily ever after. Of course, the Beauty and the Beast of the game do not resemble the original plot, but are endowed with their own charm.

In search of your perfect game

Tales are loved by both boys and girls, therefore in the category a large collection of gaming products of a wide variety of subjects. Girls can:

  • Select outfits
  • Training in makeup
  • Do hairstyles and manicure
  • Accept childbirth at Belle
  • Play magic
  • Sewing outfits
  • Cooking food
  • Cleaning the Room

Besides the purely female interests of the game, the Beauty and the Beast offer universal directions for the young men to be interested too. Example:

  • Dancing
  • Providing medical care
  • Search for items
  • Colorings
  • Puzzles
  • Care of a horse and pets
  • Kisses
  • Adventure
  • Carriage control

Each direction contains a lot of options Beauty and the Beast of the game. Only in dressing rooms you can stay for hours, helping Belle to pick up dresses and jewelry for a date, a solemn reception, a holiday and other events. She has no lack of wardrobe, because her friend is very generous. He lit up the girl with exquisite jewelry, dresses of the most expensive fabrics, pampers her with cosmetics and all sorts of cute things.

With the help of this wealth, the heroine is easily transformed into a modern beauty in jeans and a T-shirt or a real princess. There are so many things she has gathered that it is sometimes difficult to find an outfit for the current occasion. Look in the wardrobe and see what kind of chaos is going on in it. Surely Belle will need your help to get ready for an important event. To do this, find all the details of the toilet, listed in the list.

During the game Beauty and the Beast, you will see a girl in different images of an angel, a vampire, a beautiful princess, a city girl. She will have to learn how to dance, go shopping, clean the castle and decorate it with Christmas or Halloween. Sometimes injuries occur, but it does not matter, because the doctors in the clinic will quickly help.

You will see a beautiful prince without an animal look. There are also Beauty and the Beast games in which Belle will become a mom.

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