Snowboard games

Snowboard games

Watching safely dissect snowboarding panda, Super Mario, Dasha, Yeti, Sponge Bob, The Simpsons and other famous characters already own is not so bad down the high snowy mountains, especially when everything is happening during the process online Game Snowboard. Get to slip free speed, and when you play, enjoy the freedom that gives winter fun. During descent, collect useful artifacts, because they will certainly come in handy for the next job, which diversifies the gameplay.

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In the beginning was snёrfer now snowboard games

Snowboard games Snowboard appeared not so long ago – in 1965 when Sherman Poppen for his little girl glued together two skis, calling snёrferom building (where the word snurfer consists of two "snow" - snow and "surf" - surf). The design resembled a skateboard without wheels, as well as the fixtures on it was not, so as not to fall in sliding, a person had to hold on to a rope tied in front of the board. A year later, it began to produce as fun for the kids and snёrfig became popular. Further improvements have been made to the device, there was mounting for the feet. The first official competition snёrfigu passed in 1979. In 1985 he was called snowboarding and was officially recognized as a winter sport (from 1998 included in the Olympic program).

For snowboarding designated the following disciplines:

  • A parallel slalom  
  • Slopestyle  
  • Snowboard  
  • PGS  
  • halfpipe  
  • Big Air

In addition to these courses are also popular destinations:

  • Freeride – passing unprepared tracks
  • jibbing – track with obstacles: stairs, railings, benches, railings

Snowboard game – snow here throughout the year

Snowboard games The best way to experience the action of adrenaline – slip on the board with the snow-covered mountains. It does not matter if you live far away from the mountains – you have a snowboarding game. Of course, this is not the same, but still have to strain. Rolling down the steep slope, it is easy to lose balance and out of competition. In games everything is realistic, and we must cleverly manipulate athlete, helping to keep the speed monitor changes on the track and perform tricks. There is a mandatory program that lists jumps, somersaults and twists. Performing the job, look at the exposed jury evaluation, and you will see how well you were able to speak.

It comes to the fact that a snowboarder has to go the distance with a blindfold. This room is able to perform only true masters, but the work-out, you also get.

Snowboard popular as entertainment. Every year in the mountains comes a lot of tourists, only to conquer the most difficult track, beating last year's record personal. Imagine that on a board near you slide Scooby Doo, Sonic, Mario, Dora, Patrick, Tom and Jerry, Superman. Of course, life is impossible, but because we are in a virtual world, and there gathered representatives of comics, cartoons, TV series and movies.

Snowboard games A particular success enjoyed Yeti – thunderstorm Penguins and tourists, which is not exactly afraid to fall, because it is a resident of the place. In the course of movement, he even manages to bring down snowballs, stones or a club to get careless neighbors on the descent, for which he gets his points.

And there is visible a short distance a group of beauties in bikinis and snowboarding. They perform graceful turns and developed tremendous speed. They are catching up with snowboarders in identical costumes, working synchronously – Apparently, this is indicative of their performance.

Similar to the snowboard game version with riding in the jungle on the tops of palm trees on a large sheet, and move down the bullies on the boards of the escalators in the subway and staircases.

Important Facts for snowboarders

For skiing, it is important to choose the right outfit. Glasses should be worn even on a cloudy day, but blue and purple glass are not recommended. It is best suited dark glasses in red-yellow-green tone. The orange-yellow or yellow will be helpful when visibility is poor because it increases the contrast vision in one quarter.

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