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Super Mario Games

The virtual world is impossible to imagine without the Super Mario online games. Together with Luigi - his brother, he roams the open spaces, fighting monsters, exterminating dangerous mushrooms, and carrying heavy loads. He also calls you along and lets you play a variety of stories for free. Here he sits behind the wheel of a tractor and directs it over the bumps in the road, collecting logs and risking overturning. At other times, he competes in the race or masters the air spaces. Mario is omnipresent, and you can see him even in plots with other famous characters, such as Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Immortal Super Mario Games

Super Mario Games In 1985, Nintendo released a game about Super Mario and Luigi, two plumbers roaming the perimeter and fighting enemies. They abandoned their usual occupation to save the beautiful princess, who was imprisoned in his Mushroom Kingdom by the turtle Koopa. The brothers had no idea of the upcoming troubles, going on a dangerous journey. But it's too late to retreat, and the princess is waiting for her heroes.

The game is designed for two players, but you can quite cope on your own by simply switching between characters. The game became so popular that its sales volumes entered the Guinness Book of Records, and Nintendo made it its business card. But you do not need to buy anything today because our game portal offers to play online Super Mario games for free.

In addition to unique versions of the gameplay, the virtual world managed to acquire clones, where Mario remains the central key figure. Now he meets with the characters of other games and fights with them or acts as an ally. So, for example, Sonic the Hedgehog is not averse to teaming up with Mario for a good cause and joining him against the zombies attacking his house. Fighting off them, the heroes become a single team and combine their abilities for good. But do not forget to collect coins, which will be credited as game points to your account.

Super Mario Games Starting to play Super Mario games, you will find yourself in different conditions:

  • underwater,
  • in the air,
  • you will jump through the levels
  • go through the mazes
  • explode,
  • win gold in sports.

Our protagonist is very active and always finds a way to demonstrate his skills and increase his abilities. He can handle any business. Even a battle with a dragon will not become something unusual, and conquering the skies on an airship or a hang glider will turn into an exciting adventure, even if you have to fight enemies. Armed, for starters, with a rifle, shoot dragons, aggressive bees, and strange creatures that are ready to tear you apart, but when the rifle is not enough for your mission, get a cannon and smash everything around with it.

The infinite variety of interpretations of the game

Super Mario Games Another time to play free online Super Mario games will take place underwater. Mario decided to go diving, but he always floats to the surface because of no experience. To help him stay at a depth, direct his jumps on mushrooms, but beware of underwater enemies - squids and other inhabitants of the fauna. To train Mario in agility, start catching dinosaurs in a game very similar to Just You Wait!, where the wolf collects eggs from perches by catching them with a basket.

Super Mario games online offer to drive different vehicles and carry heavy loads. Super Mario has mastered the driver skills to perfection and now famously steers the roads on a tractor, collecting logs into a trailer. Everything goes simply at the beginning, but when the load increases, it is necessary to string up to not roll over at the next turn and not lose the cargo. And delivering goods on a truck, earn bonuses that will allow you to improve the car by changing the wheels and engine to a more powerful one. You can play Super Mario games for free in different directions. It can be shooters, arcades, fights, walkers, flying games, puzzles, or sports games. There is a charm in each of them and an unexpected turn of events sometimes. Kids will be happy to color pictures with him, find differences and similarities, assemble puzzles, and play Fifteen games, racing, and many other areas where there is no place for boredom and vapidity.

The two brothers-acrobats

Super Mario Games The universe of the plumber brothers Luigi and Mario have been haunting the minds of players of different generations for more than twenty years. The gaming industry does not yet know a more successful project. Being conceived at the dawn of the digital age, this story lives on to this day, giving no rest. What just did not do with this popular setting! Heroes of other worlds, including cinematic superheroes, were transplanted into it. Mario himself was forced to shoot from a bow or rifle and jump over sharp spikes. Even women's dress-up games often use this character. But only the usual, familiar to every gamer with experience, the structure allows you to feel young and happy.  Mario is jumping on the head of rivals, the company flag at the end of the scene, and the constant villain Koopa, throwing his axes. Even those for whom this setting is the result search query “Super Mario games online to play for free” recognize that there is only one real Mario.

Although there were quite successful sequels. For example, a version from the console world, where the hero was allowed to throw objects and enemies. But still, the maximum number of fans like to play Super Mario games only in the canonical version. The success of this Mario game world (or rather worlds - the authors named the levels in the game - worlds)  is not surpassed by anyone. Jokes, fanfiction, and funny videos about the adventures of this hero are with us to this day. Even players born much later than the Mario Bros era often look for online Super Mario games for free to play. Fortunately, modern emulators allow you to play from almost anywhere in the world. To do this, you do not even need to install software, let alone buy a cartridge. It is enough to go online and enjoy your favorite hero and his adventures.

You can also play online Super Mario games on our website We have specially collected not only the best versions of this game but also absolutely new sequels, remakes, and versions. If this is your first time getting to know this great game, you should start by playing through the canonical variant. Then you can walk through all the worlds created for the console. And only then taste the new fakes. For sure, you will not be able to find interest in any other version, except for the very first one. It is not necessary to play Super Mario for free on the site. You can also do this on a computer. There is a function to download the game to do this. You will find almost all existing online Super Mario games on this page, so be brave - Koopa and his Goombas have been waiting for you.

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