Super Mario games

Super Mario games

The virtual world can not be imagined without online game Super Mario. Along with Luigi – his brother, he wanders through the expanses of fighting monsters, destroying harmful fungi, carrying weight. You it also drags the free, allowing you to play a variety of subjects. Here he sits behind the wheel of the tractor and directs it to the bumps in the road, collecting timber and the risk of capsize. Another time, he is a member of racing masters or air space. Mario is everywhere, and it can be seen even in subjects with other popular characters such as Sonic hedgehog,.

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The immortal game Super Mario

Super Mario games In 1985, Nintendo released the game of Super Mario and Luigi – two plumbers who roam the perimeter and battle with enemies. They threw his usual occupation for the sake of a beautiful princess who has entered into a prisoner in his Mushroom Kingdom turtle Koopa. Going on a dangerous journey, the brothers did not know about the troubles that they had met, but to retreat late and princess waiting for their heroes.

The game is designed for two players, but it is possible to cope with the individual process, simply by switching between the characters. The game became so popular that the size of its sales brought in the Guinness Book of Records, and the company Nintendo has made it his business card. But today, you do not need to buy anything, because Super Mario online play for free offers to our game portal.

In addition to the unique versions of the gameplay, the virtual world has had time to grow a clone in which Mario is the main key figure. Now he meets other characters of toys and fighting with them or acting as an ally. For example, Sonic hedgehog is not averse to team up with Mario for a good purpose, and speak with him against zombies that are attacking his house. Fighting off them, the characters are a single team and combine their abilities for the good. But do not forget to collect coins, which are credited in the form of game points to your account.

Super Mario games Having started playing Super Mario, you will find yourself in different conditions:

  • under water,  
  • in the air,  
  • will jump through the levels,  
  • pass the mazes,  
  • blow,
  • to win gold in sports.

Our main character is very agile and always finds a way to showcase their skills, and to increase capacity. His shoulder any case, and even fight with the dragon will not be unusual, and the conquest of the skies in an airship or a hang-glider will turn into an exciting adventure, even if we have to fight enemies. Armed, to begin with, rifle fire back dragons, aggressive bees and misunderstood creatures who are ready to devour you, but when a rifle will be enough for your mission, reach for a gun and scatter it around. [eleven]

The infinite variety of interpretations of the game

Super Mario games On another occasion, Super Mario play online for free will have to be under water. Mario decided to go diving, but he has no experience, and therefore he always rises to the surface. To help him to remain at depth, point it jumping on mushrooms, but be wary of the enemy submarine – squid and other inhabitants of the fauna.

Mario to train in agility, start catching the dinosaurs in the game, very similar to the « Just you wait! », where the wolf collects eggs with perches, catching their basket.

Online games in the Super Mario offer to manage different vehicles and to carry heavy loads. Super Mario perfectly mastered the skill of the driver, and now famously steers the tractor on the road, collecting logs in the trailer. At first, everything is easy, but when luggage is increased. It is necessary to tighten, so as not to roll over on the next turn, and not to lose weight. A hydrating goods by truck, earn bonuses that will improve the car, replacing the wheels and its engine is more powerful. Available to you in the super mario play for free in various directions. It can be shooting games, arcade, fighting, Action, Flying, puzzles or sports toys. There is a charm in each of them, and sometimes unexpected turn of events. The kids having fun with him paint the pictures, find the differences and similarities, gather puzzles and play tag, race, and many other areas where there is no place for boredom and vapidity. [eleven]

The two brothers-acrobat

Super Mario games The Universe brothers plumbers Luigi and Mario for over twenty years, dominates the minds of players from different generations. More successful project the game industry is not yet know. The origin of the dawn of the digital age, the story lives to this day, not giving rest. That just did not do with this popular campaign setting! It transplanted the heroes of other worlds, including the cinematic superheroes. Mario himself forced to shoot a bow, rifle, jump over the spikes. Even women dress up games often use this character. But ordinary, familiar to every veteran gambling structure allows to feel young and happy. Mario – is jumping on the head of the opponent, corporate flag at the end of the stage villain and constant Kupa, tossing his ax. Even those for whom this setting – the result of a search query « super mario online play for free », recognize – a real one Mario.

Although there were quite successful sequels. For example, the version of side of the world, where the hero was given the ability to throw objects and enemies. But all the same maximum number of fans love to play Super Mario canon only option. The success of the game world (or rather worlds and – the authors and called the levels of the game - worlds) Mario has not been surpassed by anyone. Jokes, fanfics, funny video about the adventures of the hero with us to this day. Even players who were born long after the era of the brothers Mario, often look in the network to super Mario play online for free. The good thing, modern emulators allow you to play almost anywhere in the world. You do not even need to install the software, not what to buy the cartridge. Just go online and enjoy your favorite hero and his adventures.

Play online super mario possible and on our website www. game-game. com. ua. We specifically collected not only the best versions of this game, but also completely new extensions, alterations, and version. When you first become acquainted with this wonderful game, be sure to start with the passage Canonicity options. Then you can go through all the worlds created on the console. And then try the taste of fashionable imitation. Surely, you can not find interest in any other version, except for the first. In Super Mario game for free is not necessarily on the site. You can do it on the computer. For this is a function of downloading games. On this page you will find almost all the existing games super mario online, so boldly – Kupa and Gumba been waiting for you.

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