Surfing games

Surfing games

You can enjoy looking at the surfers who can at any time to enjoy the ocean waves, or open a surfing game online for free, and also learn the art of sliding on the foam ridges. Around you scour toothy shark, but even more exciting way to play, because the risk of spurs and forced to fight for life, not only with the water element, but also its inhabitants. Barbie Doll, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bloom, Lilo and Stitch, Scooby Doo and zombies, vampires and other monsters forget about their problems and concerns, to conquer the waves.

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Surfing Games - Catch a wave!

Surfing games "Driving on the surface" – it is the surf. Athletes get on board and glide through the water, but rather – on a wave. Every surfer wants to catch the big wave – conquer the elements. This is a very beautiful sight when a man takes off on the very ridge, and then the water is inside the cocoon in order to climb back to the top. It is like flirting with danger, risking to be defeated. Surfing dangerous sport, and newcomers trained long before succeed.

The inexperienced surfer may be stunned by a powerful wave and simple drowning, and even people's actions attract predators. Sharks are hard to see in a troubled ocean, and they often swim unexpectedly attacking athlete.

surfing originated in Hawaii, and for locals it is a kind of ritual – ride the waves. Hawaiians, and are now making the board with your hands, and if today is a lightweight accessory that once the first weigh up to 70 kilograms, and. Sam Surfing has several directions:

  • Ice-short (3 meters) and long (180 m) boards  
  • tow-in-surfing – boards with loops for the feet
  • Bodyboarding – horse lying on soft and short board
  • Bodiserfing when an athlete wearing a short flippers and special gloves
  • Wind – board with a sail
  • Veykserf – skating on an artificial wave special boat that goes ahead and raises the surfer meter wave. So ride where there is no ocean. [eleven]

Surfing games

is still under construction swimming pools, where the waves produce a machine, controlling their speed and altitude. It was built in Japan first example of such a basin. And for those who are not available and artificial waves, we offer a surfing game is to conquer the poems are not soaking the feet.

glides over the waves higher and faster

Virtual surfing can be a real adventure in the company of familiar characters. In the classic version, you become a member of the competition, where everyone wants to score more points to get the title and the cup of gold. The program has set binding numbers, which should show the jury. They evaluate each participant, exposing the evaluation of skills. If your movements are precise and fascinating show, you will become a champion of surfing. But sometimes additional tasks do not fit into a standard set of games surfing online for free, so do not forget to take the bait for catching fish. The girls wear their most colorful swimwear, because you shoot for a glossy magazine. Once you meet the dolphins that will complement your presentation with their jumps and somersaults. If the cooperative movement will look harmonious, a victory already in his pocket. Surfing games


But the sharks do not have to strike up a friendship. From these toothy machines devouring surfers better get away. Some vacationers who can not stay on the board, can ride on an inflatable circle, tied a rope to jet skis or boats that umchit at breakneck speed.

A bit of interesting facts

On the basis of the term surfing "switch foot", which means "change of foot" – turn on the board in the opposite direction, was the name of the American rock band Switchfoot, which takes Christian rock.

In the 60s of the last century there was the musical direction of surf rock. This beach music, a favorite surfers and visitors.

At the beginning of the twentieth century there was a trend in the art of surf art, which with the help of elements of surrealism and impressionism portrayed surfing and all that c it involves. These can be paintings, sculptures, decorative elements.

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