Lilo and Stitch games

Lilo and Stitch games

Children easily accept the ordinary, and that's the girl Lilo, seeing the blue alien was not afraid, and made friends with him. Getting them presented to the animated series, and we offer free to play online games Lilo and Stitch to join their team and try to solve the puzzles that they have prepared. They love to learn and even on vacation find an opportunity to practice math, counting coconuts on the beach. Even play with them in a bowling alley, a ride on the board on the waves, dive to a depth of a ride by car, get treasures and catch the falling objects. This game of skill, intelligence, speed, care.

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Friends forever

Lilo and Stitch games Lilo and Stitch games Are you ready for a meeting with the aliens? No? It is a pity, because the only one in the world settled in the area of ​​the Hawaiian Islands has been firmly. But we hasten to reassure you – the alien is not terrible, and even contrary, behaves friendly, happy to meet new people, and actively explore new things. His name is Stitch – is the name given him girl Lilo, when I found him in the dog shelter where he was hiding from people and Jamba Dzhkukibo – contrary professor, has devoted himself to the service of evil deeds. When Lilo and Stitch met they immediately felt like kindred spirits. After all, the girl everything is not going well with the personal life – parents died, my sister moved away, no friends. But when the two met alone, they are combined into one, to fill the inner emptiness. This happened to our heroes, who first appeared on screen as the animated films, then moved to free games Lilo and Stitch.

We are very happy like their resettlement, because it is now possible to take part in the fun adventures of friends, not just watch them from the sidelines. As our heroes are quite young, they do not sit on the ground, and they are looking for new opportunities to demonstrate all his agility, strength, dexterity. Together, they learn to count, organized on the beach makeshift school. While Stich climbed a palm tree and shakes off her coconuts, Lilo finds them and points on the board a picture with the correct number corresponding to the number of fetuses. So learning, they play, well, you and join us, too, knows the basics of math.

The various quests the game Lilo & Stitch

Lilo and Stitch games All of Lilo and Stitch games for free are presented on our gaming portal that everyone has access to a funny story and could get acquainted with the inseparable couple. They feed each other a warm feeling and decided to make one stitch girl gift, gathered for her bouquet. He drives a car and wants to get a girlfriend soon, risking capsize on the way. To this did not happen, and the alien has arrived with an armful of daisies to Lilo unscathed help him cope with the management. Another time online game Lilo and Stitch must play, collecting artifacts and useful fuel, which is enough to warm islands. But the thing – Gant also learned about the unique deposits and too rushed to look. The way you will not a short and dangerous, dotted:

  • craggy rocks,  
  • reefs,  
  • overgrown bushes,
  • stones.

Yes, and this Gant tail. It should stay on the road and slow down as it already seems for you, and if you catch up, then grab your car and the game will end. Manage to be arrows, and each discovery will bring additional opportunities. Tanks with gasoline also try to pick up, to refuel with gasoline in a way that also has come to an end. One Stitch still caught and put in a glass case, to conduct experiments on him. He must perform certain actions and if will not do or make a mistake, get a discharge current of powerful guns aimed at him. So, in the process of Lilo and Stitch games online at the bottom moving arrows showing different directions, and when they get into the box at the bottom of the playing field, it is necessary to press the same at the keyboard. Running this rapid and must work very quickly if you want to save Stitch. Our heading all the time expanding the range and offers games Lilo and Stitch Action, coloring, racing, puzzle, logic and other areas. Here you will find only the best and relevant for their leisure time. Watch for completions, and you will be always informed about news.

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